Thursday, 30 October 2008




I got the chance to make something, and I can barely describe the emotion about that. Relief, or something like it, that I have sat down and created something.

I have been thinking about making this basic long sleeve tee for weeks now, but just haven't been able to find the motivation to start; originally I wanted to make a raglan tee, but can't seem to find anywhere that sells basics patterns that I like ~ if you have any tips I would be most grateful ;-)

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Maizie Dresses Up

Maizie dresses up

Have you seen these? Paper dolls for colouring in and cutting out, free from Sarah Jane Studios... and of course if you want to have a go at drawing your own clothes for your paper doll, you can always find beautiful inspiration over at Oliver + S

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

half moon rolls

I've been harbouring this little idea of baking our own bread for a while now, and today we ran out of bread so it was the perfect opportunity to have a go at making some for ourselves. I admit that I am a little apprehensive about making a proper loaf, so I settled on these yummy looking 'half moon rolls' where the preamble assured me that "these are so much easier to make than you would think". I was inclined to believe it too, after the great success that we enjoyed with the Chicken sautéed with cheese & milk (the kids actually ate it!!) from the same book.

making bread

another silly face silly face

The making part was the most fun, I actually made the rolls, but they had plenty of fun playing with their own piece of bread dough too. We also discovered that he has reached that time where he feels that it's necessary to pull faces at the camera while I am trying to take a shot ~ and he actually hid his head under the table when I pointed the camera at him while he was eating the resulting rolls!

half moon rolls

The recipe for these little delights is in Apples for Jam, a much coveted (by me) book that I must have mentioned to one of my friends, as she surprised me by giving it to me for my birthday last week. It is a lovely book, full of wonderful little stories, beautiful pictures, mouth watering recipes, and quite endearingly set out in colour coded chapters ~ with the colour of the food dictating which chapter it appears in. So far brown (chocolate of course), gold and pink are my favourites, and there are lots of recipes that I am just itching to try.

happy flowers & apples for jam

Monday, 20 October 2008

big adventures

After our success at the beach last Sunday, this weekend we decided to tackle a trip to the Zoo with just the four of us... we were up early Sunday morning getting the house into shape (for the open later that morning) when we hit an early snag. The hot water service had sprung a leak ~ which meant that we needed a new hot water service*, and that all hot water was off until further notice.

zoo :: 07

Not to be deterred, we boiled the kettle and both had a wash, and we were back on track. The dog was sent off to Nanna's for the day, and we set off on our adventure to the Zoo.

When we arrived there were signs directing us to the carpark behind the Zoo, and from here is was quite a treck to the back entrance gates. As we got closer to the entrance we realised that there were a lot of people converging on the entrance, and then a train arrived. Seriously it was like watching a show train arrive, it was so jam packed with families ~ parents, friends, excited children and prams... what was going on?

It didn't take us long to ascertain that it was the launch day for Children's Week at the Zoo, it was 'children get in free' day, and apparently Dorothy the Dinosaur was to be making an appearance too!

zoo :: 07

I looked at Cam, he looked at me ~ do you really think this is a good idea?

He thought No, but we had promised the kids.

We walked a little further.

"Honey" say I "I really don't think this is a good idea. We can go anytime, our kids are free anyway, and it is going to be crazy in there... anyway our kids don't even know who Dorothy is"... "Angus?" in my brightest, most cheerful voice "would you like to see some fishies?... Would you like to see a Shark!?!"

aquarium :: shark

Of course he did. So we foisted them up onto our shoulders, made it back to the car and headed off to the Melbourne Aquarium... it was fantastic!

aquarium :: stingray

aquarium :: peeking chamber

aquarium :: jellies

aquarium :: silhouette

We'll do the Zoo another day :) *and we now have a brand new hot water service too

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

she's at it again.

I discovered this morning, he has freckles on his nose.

About six months ago one of my fellow steiner playgroup mums asked whether my kids have had any major stacks?

"Not yet" say I "Nothing that has involved any blood or trips to the hospital, thank goodness"

Not five minutes later we were standing outside next to the play equipment when I heard Daisy shriek. It was one of those big shrieks with a biiiig pause after it (where you just know that they are taking a long breath in so that they can let out an all-mighty shriek to express just how much they have just hurt themselves).

Sure enough, I turned around to find that she had fallen (been pushed? Angus?) off one of those sprung riding pieces. She had fallen on her face and her tooth had gone through her lip ~ ew blood! There were tears, blood, and a near faint by me : )

So you would think that on Saturday when Christie asked if they had got into any more mischief since the fire incident, that I would have touched some wood before confidently assuring her that "Oh no, they have been really good since then" right?... well...

This morning, after checking that they were ok, I snuck (sneaked?) off to the loo for a few minutes to do my business. I no sooner sit down and *ahem* get started when there is a knock at the door. After glancing at my watch and thinking, who could that be this early?. I was contemplating ignoring it, pretending that I hadn't heard, when the knocking came again ~ more persistent this time. BANG BANG BANG.

So I quickly made me way to the front door, only to open it and have the man from across the road urgently tell me that Daisy was hanging out of the front window.


After I accidentally closed the door in his face (he really didn't seem to mind) I raced into my bedroom and found that Daisy had opened the sliding window, pushed out the flyscreen, and was indeed trying to climb out the window.

Disaster averted, and the lock has now been moved to the top of the window, but dear me, what will the neighbours think ;P

Monday, 13 October 2008

mixing together

One of the nicest thing about having a blog is that it gives me the chance to meet other like-minded souls ~ and I have to say that generally the only reason that I get the chance to meet these lovely souls is because other, extremely talented, friendly, and hardworking bloggers, make the effort to organise fabulous things like blogmeets and now mixtogethers.

The amazing duo (+ fii) behind the groovy zine MIXTAPE have been organising these mixtogethers for a while now, and I couldn't resist signing up for the latest one (oh, and the next one too)... On Saturday afternoon I headed off to Amitie with my handmade accessory gift (you can see it here), and box of tissues (for my crummy cold!) and enjoyed a few hours of chatting, sewing, eating, and gift swapping.

fii's pincusion

We made this awesome (and very easy) pin cushion, under Fii's expert instruction ~ all whilst chatting, laughing, and eating, and I finally got to meet the lovely Christie, who has been my blog-land-but-haven't-yet-met-in-real-life buddy for a while now.

fii's gift

Later on we all swapped our handmade gifts and I was the lucky recipient of these goodies (again from that talented Fii)... there were also some funky fluro green handles (not pictured), but the under-three-footers have absconded with them. Thanks Fii, I love my accessories, and already that zippy little zippy has been put to good use!

And of course thank you to Justine (make sure you are there next time, ok!?!) and Nichola for organising such a fabbo event, and thanks too Fi for the awesome pin cushion tutorial and instructions (i've already shared the love and lent them to a friend).

Sunday, 12 October 2008

ice cream on the coast

With all of the opens that we have been enduring lately, and the prospect of another beautiful day today, we decided to escape early and head off down the coast. It was a last minute decision that saw us organising an impromptu mini family gathering on the beach, and later out the front of the ice cream shop (of course with ice cream in hand).

making puddles

My original plan was to have ice cream first and then head to the beach to wash away any evidence, but the (required) ice cream shop didn't open until 12 noon, so instead we headed down to the beach and found ourselves a lovely spot to sit, the sand was the perfect texture for building castles, and many (many) trips were made to the waters edge to find more cups of water to tip onto the sand.

fetching more water

As I had hoped, Angus was quite happy to have his feet in the 'normal' sand on this beach. You may know that we live about 300 meters from the beach, but we NEVER go because Angus detests the sand on our local beach. This sand, thank-goodness, got the thumbs up.

I have to admit that I had forgotten all about Uncle Simon's marine skills, a dive-instructor with a healthy love of the ocean and all it's inhabitants ~ of course he would be the one to find this beautiful eleven fingered starfish to wow the kids with (personally you wouldn't get my fingers within cooee of it, but...) and he soon found himself with kids surrounding him for a look and the wiggly little tentacles surrounding this dude. Soon enough he was returned to the peace of the water and we all went back to making out wet blobby sandcastles.

sand play cold rock ice cream
and of course, the best way to bribe them off the beach is with the promise of ice cream. So to finish we all headed to cold rock ice-creamery, the best ice-creamery in this hemisphere, and one that I haven't enjoyed since our Queensland days; I won't leave it so long next time...

enjoying ice cream ... 1... 2... 3...

They all made surprisingly little mess, and it was the perfect way to finish off a relaxing morning down the coast.

Friday, 3 October 2008

her first haircut

her first haircut

It has taken me so long to be ready to take this step. Last time we visited our friend-who-cuts-hair, Angus was not quite ready for his cut, so Em bobbed down next to Daisy and started to get ready to trim her hair.

My stomach did a flip-flop and my heart jumped into my mouth. "Oh No" I told Em, "I'm not ready for you to cut her hair" after one look at my stricken face she could tell that I was serious... maybe when she turns 2 I'll be ready?!?


Well, she turned 2 a couple of weeks back, and although I find this woodland pixie look endearing, I could tell that we were all ready for her first haircut.

not so sure...

and with a little moral support (for both Em and I, oh and Daisy too) it was easy, and she's now sporting this very fetching little bob.

lovely short locks

Thursday, 2 October 2008


As you probably know, I have a thing for Japanese sewing books, especially the ones with children's clothes patterns in them ~ but I have recently discovered something equally as gorgeous (but available in English!) ~ ottobre magazine.

ottobredesign mags

Ottobre is a Finnish magazine [available here] with the most amazing children's and youth's clothing. It has the patterns, instructions, and pictures of each piece ~ and the best thing is that before you order you can log onto their website and look through each magazine first; so you know exactly what you are ordering. AND you can purchase their back issues as well.




After seeing the Summer 2008 issue at a friends house, I came home and ordered two Summer issues (this years and last years) and when they finally arrived (it takes about 3 weeks) I was really delighted. The instructions are really clear, the pattern sheet is colour coded, although admittedly I haven't traced any off yet, but it looks no worse than the master sheets that you get in the Japanese books, AND the clothes are just so amazing.

I tell you, I need to get hold of some more fabric, just as soon as the budget allows, and have a go at some of these clothes. Amazing!!