Tuesday, 25 November 2008

day two :: pack boxes

ahhhhh, I've been so caught up in my pre-move preparation that I have been remiss... for any that have wondered, our scan went superbly last week. Our little bump was happy to show their face and wriggly legs, but didn't want to have the nuchal fold measurement taken ~ so we got to enjoy a long long look, both in 3D and 4D. It was magic to see the little person's development so far and in so much detail too. Just lovely...

little packages

and just look at what I received in the post today; a gorgeous selection of baby patterns from the ├╝ber-talented Kirsten... thank-you!!

day two :: pack boxes

and ~ yes there was more packing done today, lots of boxes packed and lugged out to the recently vacated wall in the garage ~ and of course I had lots of help, Angus and I spent a good hour this morning vacuuming cobwebs from the cornices and walls, and then vacuuming the floors ~ and of course the domestic managements requirement don't stop just because I packed boxes all morning, so I spent this afternoon making lasagna and catching up on the dishes while my little helpers slept ~ and as a result Angus has decided that he doesn't want to go to bed and is currently sitting on Cam's lap until his Dad is finished on the phone to telstra (could take a while)...

tomorrow ~ packing the kitchen into boxes (or maybe some gardening?) ~ oh my, the excitement never stops *lol*

Monday, 24 November 2008

day one :: sort out the garage

morning tea

morning tea morning tea

Monday is shopping day, so this morning we had very little food in the house. A quick batch of Banana Cupcakes and a pot of hot chocolate and we all enjoyed a lovely morning tea and then before we headed out to the garage for our big job of the day, we made these 'dingle~dangle sheep' - -

dingle-dangle sheep

- - and had a bop around to this mornings 'sheep themed' play-school episode.

painting with custard

A quick break for lunch, and then we all headed back outside to finish the job.

garage. sorted!

The contents of our garage are all sorted (no easy feat, let me assure you), and ready to pick up and move, and we still had time to come inside, do some drawing, eat dinner and have the children off the bed by 7:20... and I'm heading the same direction right now.


Thursday, 20 November 2008

woolly sheep

- - "I had a lovely time with the grand-children today. Jo left me a craft project to do with them from a great little book called "Everyday craft" by Amber Carvan. Sooo easy to follow and some really fun stuff to do. We did the sheep out of toilet roll middles, cotton buds & cotton wool balls. Daisy had a lovely time with the glue (everywhere) and Angus used nearly all the "sticky". The really cool part is they actually look like sheep. Wonder what we will do next..." - -

woolly sheep

As Nanna mentioned, this activity is from "Everyday craft" the fun little book from the creator of Kids Craft Weekly ~ who, if you don't know already, also had a great newsletter filled with kids activities that you can subscribe to and have delivered to your inbox each week. We have been receiving this newsletter for what must be well over a year, and this little book is just as delightful as the weekly email; and as we discovered, full of perfect little activities to leave with Nanna while she minds the kids for a couple of hours.


and just in case you were wondering which activities we'll leave Nanna to do next, from the same book, there will be :: a Farm Play Tray :: a Rainbow made from coloured Rice :: Match Box Vehicles :: just to name a few... this little book is only $10, and as it says on the back

Jam-packed with creative ideas for the home, Everyday Craft uses household items as the foundation for fun and achievable kid's craft projects.
Dive into these colourful pages and come out the other side feeling inspired, energised and ready to get creative with your kids.

and seriously, who doesn't need a bit of that?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
a special thanks also goes out to the girls from mixtapezine for
making a copy of this fabulous book available to me. We love
this mini-book and are so happy to spread the word. xox
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

baby buddhas

With all of the changes that we have been experiencing over the past few weeks, and the increased levels of stress, hormones and tiredness; we have been having much more conflict in our home. I have been grumpy, tired and not particularly nice to be around ~ which has manifested into us staying at home more (as I wouldn't subject my friends to this behaviour), and growling at each other more.

My poor babes and husband, they can't get away from me and have been enduring my shorter fuse... but last week I decided that enough was enough. It's not their fault and they shouldn't have to put up with my grumpiness (or even if they do, there should be some nice moments too).

props for meditation

I've had this book on meditation with children in my collection for a while, but because I don't have a place where I can set up a quiet space for meditation in this house I had put the idea on the back burner. But with tempers frayed and energy lacking, I am resolved to find a space in our new house, and have recently started reading through the book again in preparation for that.

On Sunday, while I was at the Steiner open day I bought these beautiful Rose Quartz Crystals for us to use in our meditations, and on Tuesday, while my friend looked after my kids, I made a quick dash to Warrandyte and bought a lovely Singing Bowl. Now I just need to buy (or make) some cushions for us all to sit on...

The Singing Bowl makes a lovely sound, but there was a larger one in the shop that was slightly out of my price range, that made the most delightful sound ... but, I did want this smaller one ~ as one of the meditations in the book guides you to place the singing bowl in your child's hand, then when you strike the bowl your child can actually feel the vibration that the sound is making.

So far we have started with a basic Ommmm meditation, where we place our hands on our chest while we say the words, that way we can feel the vibration of our voice, right over our hearts, and I can explain to my children that is the sound of their love; or if they hold their hand on my chest, that is the sound of my love... This book is such a wonderful guide to introducing loving meditations into your child's life, and if you have a chance I strongly recommend having a look at this one.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008




We're 12 weeks tomorrow, and are looking forward to having our first look on Thursday at this little life that my body has been busy creating and nourishing... and I know that my body is busy because I have been so so tired and queasy for the last few months.

We are so excited and so happy to be growing this little bump and now that our 'secret' is out, I look forward to sharing the rest of this journey with you :D

Monday, 17 November 2008

in short


Amongst the cleaning this weekend, thankfully I did find the time to enjoy some pleasurable activities.

:: an afternoon wandering around the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School Open day, chatting with a dear friend, and perusing the wares at the market ~ I did buy us a little something, but I'll show you later in the week...

:: a dinner with family, so that the cousins could have a play. Daisy was sick last weekend, and we weren't able to attend a picnic with our extended family; both Daisy and Sarah seemed to be quite upset at not seeing each other, so they were delighted to have some play-time this weekend instead.

:: and a day to focus on preparing our new home for our imminent arrival, while the kids enjoyed a day of play at Nanna's house with both Nanna and Great-Nanny. Needless to say we were ALL exhausted last night.

:: and that's my weekend in a nutshell ~ I'm off to bed now to replenish my waning energy supplies ...

Friday, 14 November 2008


A few nights ago, I was quite surprised to find myself dreaming of tomatoes. I was dreaming that I was chopping some beautiful home-grown tomatoes into a salsa - I could see my sharp [ok, clearly it was just a dream] chefs knife gliding through those tomatoes, releasing their amazing aroma, revealing their vibrant colour. They were all diced up so finely, and my mouth was watering just thinking about eating them... Then I woke up, and I realised that I was actually just really thirsty. Hmmpff...


These are the actual tomatoes that we are growing right now, and after many weeks of gazing out my bedroom window admiring their progress, and stopping out the front to admire all of the flowers, rub my hands on the leaves just to smell that amazing tomato scent, and count all of the little tomatoes that are forming, it actually occurred to me how proud I am of this clever little tomato plant... and then I had to laugh...


I was laughing at myself, because of my pride, because in reality ~ I didn't buy the plant. I didn't make the earthbox that the plant happily lives in. I didn't even plant the plant. In fact I don't even water the plant... my wonderful husband has done all of these things ~ I just admire the plant, and feel incredibly proud of the plant ~ not to mention all of the time that I think about those delicious home grown tomatoes that we are soon to be savouring.


Thursday, 13 November 2008

"So what's been happenin'?"

It's funny, once you get out of the regular routine of posting in your blogging space, it just gets easier to let the days roll by ~ all of a sudden you realise that it's been nearly two weeks since your last post, and that you don't even know where to start. So much happening, but so much seems so irrelevant, like 'old news'. It's sort of like when a friend rings you after a long absence, and says "So what's been happenin'?" ~ my brain goes into a tailspin and I don't even remember where (or whether) to start... then you have those friends that you speak to nearly every day, for up to an hour, you know exactly what's happenin' in each others lives, and you just continue on with your usual banter...

I don't know how it is for other people, but for me, I really need to get back into the habit of posting regularly ~ it seems that I have forgotten how!

I guess I'll start with the house thing; we've endured weeks of opens. In the lead up to the auction we had an open every Saturday and Sunday, it was stressful and exhausting, then the auction was a fizzer... not even a bid. So although we were no closer to finding out whether we had to move out or not, we decided to put some wheels in motion, and when I got a letter in the mail on the Wednesday informing us that there was to be an open the following Saturday 'and could you please ensure that the property is in a neat and presentable manner' (aaarrrggghhh ~ and eff eff eff off!) I derived a fair amount of pleasure from writing my own letter to the property manager informing her of our intention to vacate.

So we are still enduring opens each Saturday, even though the property is under offer (apparently until the contract becomes unconditional, they still have to do the opens (wtf!?!)), but I am pleased to say that in a couple of weeks we will be moving ~ interestingly enough it will be over the other side of town, to a fabulous house in the green belt, outer eastern suburbs, of Melbourne... but lets talk about that some more once we get there.

At the moment I am focusing on trying not to stress out too much, trying not to shout at the kids too much, and trying to get rid of all of the stuff that I don't want to move ~ my motto is "if the house were to burn down would I miss it? [whatever item is in question] or would I replace it?" if the answer to both of these questions is no, then out it goes... it's actually quite liberating...

Monday, 3 November 2008

in the garden

I was out in the vegetable garden on Saturday looking for the farmers wife (she's missing!) and I popped my head over the side of the potato pot, and look what I found ~

a surprise potato plant... or two?

After we destroyed our potatoes with love, we have now discovered that they are happier when you treat them mean ~ look at this little beauty, and such a surprise too ;)

some peas

After this lovely discovery I had a bit more of a poke around the garden and discovered that our pea plants had managed to produce a couple of peas too::

already discovered

... a discovery that I was clearly not the first to make.