Sunday, 21 December 2008

summer solstice

... midsummer or is it that summer is just beginning?

picking hand

who ate all the berries?exploring the raspberry 'isle'yum!

Yesterday, a wonderful afternoon spent picking mother natures Summer bounty, eating countless strawberries and raspberries warm off the bush and vine ~ and a perfect amount bought home to share with loved ones and enjoy straight from the bowl.

they ate much more than they picked

the good ones ripe

Today a home cooked roast meal followed by a bowl of fresh berries, ice-cream and cream... what better way to celebrate the Summer Solstice?...

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

window star

window stars

I came across this lovely tutorial via little seedlings this afternoon, and put everthing else on hold to sit and create some tissue paper creations with my little ones. While they pasted, squashed, and rolled, I patiently sat and cut multi-coloured squares and made 'diamonds' for my star; an activity that was right up my, symetrical natured, alley. It is now brightening up the dining room window.

edit :: I just came found a comment on this photo that revealed that the instructions on how to make a star like this and many other variations can be found in the book All Year Round ~ how handy that we already have this book in our bookshelf... you can expect to see some more variations soon.

Monday, 15 December 2008



I can't help but think that we've been installed into our new (old to me) home :: remember that I told you that I would tell you about the new house when we got there :: well as promised, the lovely thing about our new house is that it is a house that I have been visiting and staying at my whole life :: it is my late grandparents house :: a wonderful, high-set house that looks out over lots of trees :: is hidden back from the road :: and if the mood strikes us, we can sit and watch the local sports matches from our balcony :: of course there are also some obstacles :: like the house has been vacant for the better part of two years, so is in some need of a little tlc :: and it's the outside areas are not particularly child friendly :: so while the kids are outside they need to be supervised pretty closely :: but, we're in! :: and up until now I have either been running around in a frenzy of packing/unpacking :: or (as was the case late last week) found in an exhausted heap, not able to even function :: after nearly 48 hours of sleep, naps and resting, I am now feeling considerably better.

We also had our first baby appointment at the hospital last week :: everything is progressing as it should be :: and I think that I have been feeling those first little flutters these last couple of days :: although I have also been struggling to find a balance with my eating and digestion :: and am suspecting that the babe within is going to be a health nut; as I only really feel ok when I am eating regular, small portions of healthy foods :: the second that I go off the rails and eat something junky I feel sick :: or get a squeamy tummy :: could be an interesting journey.

I also bought a couple of pairs of lovely linen maternity cargos, while enjoying (ha!) some Christmas shopping with Cam on Sunday :: so my growing belly has been much more comfortable today :: I am sure that there are other things that I need to mention, but that's all I can think of for now...