Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Progress Report

kinder props

Kinder. We talk about kinder a lot at home; Angus is quite pleased with the concept of going to kinder, and we talk about the things that he has done at kinder. We also talk about the little things that are 'just so' at kinder, like that you have to wear a smock when you do painting, that you cross your legs while you sit on the rug at kinder, and that you wash your hands before eating your snack at kinder. We also talk about the other kids at kinder, and we talk about any incidents that happen while he is at kinder, both good and bad.

Remembering that Angus is three-and-a-half, the conversations that we have probably only make so much sense to me because I am still going to every session of kinder with Angus. So when he tells me something about his kinder experience, I know exactly what he is talking about because I was there, and I was watching, whether it was up close or from my 'hanging in the back-ground' position. The thing is, that I don't know if I would be able to explain and offer as much support if I was relying on him to tell me exactly what is bothering him ~ so actually leaving him there on his own is proving to be as difficult for me as it is for him.

That said, we are starting to get to a point where Angus is comfortable with me hanging back a little. He knows what happens when he walks in the door, and from then on until the end of the session. We have been enough times now, and the sequence is the same every time, just what little kids need. I am also starting to get more comfortable, especially when I see that his behaviour is actually more confident when I stay out of his sight.

I was planning on leaving him there on his own for a little while at his next session, but as it happens his kindy teaching is leaving (thank-goodness we have been fostering his relationship with the kinder-assistant, as I figured that all the kids would be vying for the teachers attention, and the assistant seemed a little more approachable to me) so Friday will be his first session with the other kinder teacher, who usually takes the four-year-olds... As yet they haven't got a replacement teacher for the three-year-olds, so it may be that I need to continue attending until they employ the new one. Either way, kinder is still proving to be a positive (although slightly uncomfortable) experience for us all.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

felt fruit

felt fruit

I've been stitching these little felt play-fruits in the evening (and in a few spare moments as well). They are a part of something bigger that will evolve over the coming months, but for the moment they are just a soothing distraction from the jumble of real life.

Sunday, 22 February 2009


Thank-you Ellen [Turning Japanese] for offering a little felt bowl a loving home, number 3 came up in the Random Number Generator, so you're it! :: please email me your mailing address and I will send it straight along to you.

Thanks everyone for playing along.

Jo x

Friday, 20 February 2009

revisited :: now lets give it a home


I made this felt bowl last year, and it's finally found its calling :: it now sits next to me while I sew and I place my cut off threads in it. Beautiful and Functional. The felt is the perfect consistency to grab the threads (think felt boards) and hang on to them until I get a chance to throw them in the bin.

I have one to give away, slightly different in design... if you want it just leave a comment* and I'll send it to you. 

*Entries close 9pm AEDT Sunday 22/2/2009

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Potty Training 101

Photo credit : fisher price

You may remember that we started introducing the concept of potty training to Angus and Daisy
quite some time ago... at the time they weren't quite ready. So we left the idea there, and while we often toted the potties around the house, we didn't really push anything with either child.

Over the last few weeks we've had a number of incidents involving the removal of soiled nappies, and the crunch came last Thursday with we had a[nother] smearing episode, this time on the lounge-room carpet and couch. Do I need to say? ... I was not impressed.

I sat both of my children down and explained to them that babies do wees and poos in their nappies, and then babies leave their nappies on for their Mummy or Daddy to clean up. Big kids take their nappies off, but Big kids also do their wees and poos in a potty. So if they wanted to be Big kids and take off their own nappies, then they needed to do their wees and poos in the potty.

We were very clear in our understanding of this.

The piece-de-resistance was the introduction of the humble tim-tam. Now before you shoot me down about food rewards, I know. I swore that I would never do it either, but you know I have a three-and-a-half year old who is so ready to be out of nappies, and a two-year old who is good and ready as well, so tim-tam rewards it was.

And it worked!

It's now 5 days since with introduced the nappy free, potty only initiative, and they are now having a third of a tim-tam for a wee, and a whole tim-tam for a poo, and we haven't had any mishaps at all.

I am still yet to introduce big kid undies and pants to them ~ as every attempt so far has resulted in an 'accident'. Which I think is because they associate having pants on as having a nappy to catch their wee, so some suggestions on how to move to wearing pants and still succeeding at potty training would be appreciated, as would some suggestions on how to move to the next stage ~ going out without a nappy? and the best way to set them up for success?

In the mean-time we'll just be staying in a lot until this new found skill becomes habit for them - oh and until we can wean them off the tim-tams a little bit, maybe 4 star stickers then a tim-tam?... we'll see.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

hanging with bear

sweet feet

These are the sweet little feet that I teased you with after Perle8's. I had a fun weekend stitching all of the little features on this Wee Wonderfuls Bear, and watching her come alive.

I started her in the rush before Christmas, as a welcome gift to wee little Gracie... it isn't until now that I've been able to spend the time finishing her. It will feel so good being able to gift her to Gracie on Thursday.

Monday, 16 February 2009

so everyday

so everyday

I've been trying to start my day off right, so that I have lots of sustained energy to get me through until lunch time. I am very aware of the little being that is growing inside me, and just how much nutrients she needs. This is my current favourite [breakfast] squeeze. 

a muesli concoction
base (in roughly equal parts) ::
rolled oats
processed bran

This mornings variations
sunflower seeds
chopped dried apricots
chopped fresh strawberries
natural yogurt*
and a little low fat milk

* next time I'll scrap the natural yogurt as it didn't really work.

All enjoyed while snatching glimpses of one of my favourite ex-bloggers new collaboration. Have you seen how active Stephanie has been this last week? ... first Shelter with her husband Jack, then over the valentines weekend the revelation of a new blog with Mav, 3191 Miles Apart ~ oh my goodness, would you have a look at those chocolate brownies. You can bet I'll be checking out these gems on a regular basis ~ hurrah!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

love is everywhere

love is everywhere
click on the mosaic for credits

happy valentines...

Thursday, 12 February 2009


stamp by Holly

Have a look in my side bar ~ can you see the groovy little Perle8's button?... the unstoppable ladies from MixTape have been at it again, and this time they have really outdone themselves. A stitchin' get together!

This week was my first one and I went along with my talented friend Jules. We got to meet up with some familiar faces and some very cool new ones. So great to be able to hang out and stitch; I came away re-inspired to finish off one of my little project's, and I hope to have a different one to work on each time I go (which means that I will finish off each one in the time between).

This week I worked on a little Wee Wonderfuls Bear that I had started when a friends baby was born, but had set it aside to go on Summer holidays... you can see a little sneaky peek here.

But that wasn't all that I walked away with, the lovely Holly brought along a selection of her tiny and delicately hand-made rubber stamps ~ and I was lucky enough to be allowed to bring one home to live at my house!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Kinder Boy

it's Kinder Boy!!

Life moves fast around here, one moment were all living on the bay and comfortably enrolled in 3 year old kinder, then WHAM we move house, and BAM no more kinder. Plenty of applications and application fees are required just to get our kid onto the wait list - and KAZAAM it all gets too hard.

Move forward two months and the prospect of no mothers group, no playgroup, and no afternoon sleeps saw me placing a hopeful (and yes I admit it, desperate) phone call to the local kinder. Wonder of wonders they've had a cancellation and yes they can accept Angus into this years 3 year old kinder class ... starting today!!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Over the weekend I had the pleasure of joining a
group of ladies for a crafty escape to the beautiful seaside town of Anglesea. While there I par-took in lots of chatting, reading (of crafty books of course), eating, and pampering (by way of a massage). I even managed to get some sewing done, although not as much as I had hoped which I am not sure was because of unrealistic expectations, or because my first project [an outfit to gift to my friend for her daughters christening] was a little fiddly?.

cute! ~ and nearly finished

This second top however, was easy... and I love the way the front panel means that the gathering is not up around the neck. The pattern for this one can be found in this book, and the fabric is by Megumi Sakakibara from Amitie. I just need to make some time to try it on Daisy so that I can adjust the strap length, as I altered the design slightly to omit the tie...

All in all the craft weekend was a very productive, relaxing and revitalising experience... and I am looking forward to getting away for a crafty weekend with my fellow bloggers again!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Victoria's Bushfires


Like many of you I am saddened and shocked by the fires that have (and are still) ravaging our local communities. 

I look out my windows and see smoke, they are not all that far away.

I look at the newspaper and see so much destruction and loss.

We have given what we can and of course I encourage you to do what you can as well.

Here are some links to get you started ::

Thursday, 5 February 2009


whatcha doin'?

I can already feel the salty spray in my face, the wind in my hair... the smell of freedom. I'm off for a weekend crafting retreat and so so so excited!! I have been getting sorted (well in my head at least) all afternoon, and although I do feel a little guilty for leaving my beloveds to endure a HOT saturday, it's no where near guilty enough to put stop to my plans to leave them too it...

getting sorted

Hope that you have a gloriously relaxing weekend too...

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

what i'm loving today

loving my sigg bottle

my gorgeous electric blue sigg bottle bought over the summer (to try to cut out a little more plastic from our lives) that had bubbles floating in the top. my mum says that if you have bubbles in the top of your tea cup after you pour your cup then that mean money... so, hey! does it mean the same thing in the top of my water bottle?

yummy strawberries

finally finding an amazing fruit and veg shop. we eat fruit around here like it's candy. in fact if we are walking through the confectionery isle at the supermarket my kids barely bat an eye-lid BUT if i take them to the fruit and veg shop it. is. CHAOS. so i am loving that my kids love fruit. i am loving fruit that taste delicious because it is in season. i am loving my sister for telling me about the best f&v around here. and i am loving my mum for babysitting so that i could shop at said f&v in peace.

loving having the energy to enjoy a day at home cleaning, laundering, cooking and taking the time to enjoy my children. after a read of the chapter 'what works' in my toddler taming book i can proudly say that i haven't hollered at my children in four whole days (a record for me of late) and the whole house is much calmer and pleasant for everybody. we are referring to the book as the mummy taming book as it's my behaviour that seems to be shaping the change.


and ... the amazing HULA seventy blog :--: a veritable feast of gorgeousness. photos. words. quirks. here are some random posts that i just loved :--: number 28 :--: through the viewfinder :--: and if you want to get to know andrea a little better, have a read of this little number.

and last, but certainly not least... i am loving sitting here typing this while feeling some very VERY big kicks from a little rainbow in my tummy.

what are you loving today?

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

taking my bump for a walk

taking my bump for a walk

the back of our property... otherwise known as 'the walking track'

This is the hill at the back of our property where I have been taking my bump for a little walk in the evening while Cam bathes our children. Hopefully it will prove to be the little endorphin release that I need to keep me sane for the rest of Summer! ... and of course while we are speaking of my bump ~ who is now known in these parts as Rainbow, everything seems to be progressing as normal. We had our 20 week scan a few weeks back and everything looked wonderful in there, so fingers crossed that we all stay that way.

Monday, 2 February 2009

funny faces and summer feet

nanna's been teaching him how to pull funny faces

summer feet

Sometimes we just hang out. Especially when Daisy is having her afternoon nap, and today we hung out in Angus' tent (well he did, I told him that I wouldn't fit)... and he showed me all of the funny faces that his Nanna has been teaching him over Summer.