Monday, 23 March 2009

to call our own

sand, glorious sand

A favourite pastime of Angus' is playing outside in the sandpit, and since we've moved he's had to make do with a plastic clam-shell that had a couple of bags of sand in it. With a few decent days of rain, where we forgot to place the lid back on, it's been alternating between a puddle for them to play in (clothing or no!) and an ever decreasing tub of sand.

A couple of weeks back, Cam and I were standing in the yard watching the children play in a tiny bit of sand, probably just enough to fill two or three sandcastle-buckets, and Cam asked me if I wanted him to go and buy a couple more bags to fill up the shell again?


Well little did he suspect what I actually had in mind.


I told him about the fantastic sand-pit that the children got to play in each week at play-group, and how much they loved playing with the shovels and cake tins, and how it had logs in and around it that they could use as ovens, or platforms, or... well for whatever really (and how good those logs were for Mama to sit and rest her weary legs as she watched them play).

working hard while dad makes coffee

and I could see that he was instantly calculating how much time, money and work this was all sounding like ~ and how much the kids would love a big sand-pit... the only proviso, I had to ask my uncle if we could put in a more permanent sand-pit. Hazzaar!! Of course he agreed, and to my talented husbands credit, after a solid days work yesterday, we now have a fully functioning, not quite finished, sandpit for the littles to play in.

enjoying the fruits of his labour

Friday, 20 March 2009

I think she knows ...

mummy + baby. by Daisy
... that there is a baby in my tummy.

Daisy has been drawing little people everywhere (including a huge mural on my hallway wall), and some of my favourite ones have these littler people in their tummies.

happy mummy + kicking baby

It's nice to see that most of her mummy people have smiles on their faces...

grumpy mummy + upside down baby

but of course, Mummy isn't happy all of the time ~ sometimes she is a yucky, grumpy, mummy (but not all that often!)

Thursday, 19 March 2009


new mag

I came across this new magazine at the Winterwood stall at the craft show on the weekend, and as soon as I saw it I knew that it was the sort of parenting magazine that appealed to me... very few ads, like-minded contributors, and it's local (published in Eltham).

I nearly took my copy to play-group on Monday to share with the parents there, but as it turned out I didn't need to because they had a little display set up on the 'admin table' for purchase.

If it looks like something that may appeal to you too, you can have a look at their Sample Issue, or order your own copy from the Barefoot Magazine website.

It really is good reading.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

when I'm sad...

when i'm sad...

... i sort.

What do you do?

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

i ♥ rainbows

"The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won't wait while you do the work."
Patricia Clafford

Did you know that we have been calling our little bump Rainbow?... we called our previous bump Daisy, and well, it just stuck.

While we are not planning on calling this child Rainbow, we are yet to come up with an alternative. In the mean time, I am seeing Rainbow's everywhere...

Monday, 16 March 2009

dreaming & doing

autumn seasonal table

The realisation hit me that we are expecting our new little to be joining us in less than three months, and I have a lot of things that I want to do in our home to be (ahem) ready. So I've been very caught up for the past little while in making my house a home, planning and organising the spaces that need to change to allow for the change in our family, and of course dreaming about (and possibly aspiring to) all of the inspiration that I see everyday on the internet.

leaves & gnomes

I've been stitching little pieces, and laughing with and at my babes.

I've been dreaming about knitting a lovely warm piece to keep my shoulders and back warm while the weather cools and my bump grows.

I've been looking, looking, looking all about online for eco-friendly but beautifully soft yarn.

I've been losing myself in the intricacies of ravelry.

Refer to photo :: playstand by little seedlings
I've been dreaming, and planning, and budgeting (ha! - all gifts welcomed of course!!) for all of the little lovelies that I want, so that I can change our current toy-shelf into something like this inspiring set up by little seedlings.

The hen house, the rabbit or goose house, the fire puzzle, the stacking tower,  the wet felted balls, and on top of all that, I want to find the time to make a playstand for my children by Winter Solstice

All of this planning, dreaming, and wanting then lead to a number of days sitting at my computer creating and implementing many spreadsheets of data covering cashflows, budgets and projections to see if any of these dreams (wants) are attainable... 

kinder : lounging on me

and of course life goes on, cooking, cleaning, shopping, coffee with friends... I have also been attending kinder twice a week with Angus... and at the end of last week enjoyed the milestone event of him being ready for me to leave him to play at kinder while I ran a few errands of my own. A very momentous and happy occasion for us both, and one that I am glad we didn't tackle until we were ready.

Of course that's not even mentioning the other lovely stuff, like the stitches and craft show, date night, and collapsing into a crippled heap on the couch for hours every afternoon as my pregnant body protests at all that I ask of it...

Thursday, 5 March 2009



that smile...

stamp workbook


The idea of making stamps has been on my mind a lot lately, and it all started last year when someone (claire from Loobylu I think) did a blog post about the uber-talented Geninne ~ when I first visited Geninne's flickr site I was caught up in the breath-takingly-ness of her cabin in the woods... but I soon found these little stamps that she makes out of erasers.

She has put together a tutorial (and part II)on how to make the stamps yourself, and I have found myself wasting many hours trying to find supplies here in Australia (nearly as many hours as I have wasted on trying to find bowls like these ones here is oz! any tips anyone?) So while the inspiration is there, in reality I just haven't found the time (or the funds) to make my own stamps...

Meanwhile, sitting all alone at the top of a wardrobe, steadily gathering dust, has been this little stamp set that I bought such a long time ago; and it occurred to me that it is sort of silly having it just sitting there when I know just how much fun Angus and Daisy would have playing with it. So this morning I set out the stamps, some washable markers (in lieu of the inkpads that I still need to get *sigh* does the list ever end?) and made some easy workbooks.

I watched as they coloured and stamped and created so many beautiful creations in those workbooks, and the way that they returned to their stamping so many times through-out the day... and when they were done with stamping, they built a quaint little block tower from the stamps.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

how do you like them apples?

red felt apple halves

Autumn is my very favourite season, Summer (and hot weather) is drawing to a close, the colours of falling leaves are all around, the nights are cool and crisp and oh so good for sleeping, and we can look forward to a whole host of seasons until we have to face summer again.

Also, if I am very lucky, my Dad's apple trees start to share their fruit and we get to enjoy the taste of home grown apples.

felt apples

In the meantime, we'll make a few home made felt ones of our own, and get ready to make some chestnut peeps.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

summer seagulls


We got into the local steiner playgroup, and it fits in with our schedule beautifully... our first session was perfect. The location is beautiful, both the children and myself were comfortable as soon as we walked to the door, our playgroup leader is lovely, the house where it is held is amazing, and I was able to fill my hands with a little craft project while I met the other families.


Monday, 2 March 2009

craft escape

coasters at Sewjourn originally uploaded by sewjourn01

I enjoyed my recent crafty retreat so much, that I am looking forward to slotting in another one before baby number 3 arrives ~ and the lovely Leslie, after being so busy of late could also use a crafty weekend away. Could you use a break too?

Leslie and I are organising a crafty getaway at sewjourn in April. Sewjourn is a four bedroom cottage, about an hour from Melbourne, with a separate studio set up specifically for sewing and crafts. It will be a great weekend to get some long awaited projects done, hang with some fellow crafty ladies, possibly escape for a massage, and definitely enjoy some yummy food. Leslie is also planning on scouting out some country op shops in the area for a Saturday morning browse, and of course I will be taking along my collection of Japanese craft books for those moments where you may need some inspiration or just a quiet breather. 

We're looking for a couple more people to join in the fun so if you've got (or can get) the weekend free and want to take part, send me an email for all the details.