Monday, 27 April 2009

on being fickle...


buzzing along


I have a new love :: it's taking time to get past that initial obsession attraction :: we hang out at great places (mostly on the couch!) :: I am sure that the honeymoon period will pass all too soon :: in the meantime I'm enjoying the change :: but I'll be back in this space soon :: ♥ jo 

Tuesday, 21 April 2009



I'm getting excited about finally starting a weekly knitting group :: we've been trying to get organised for a while and it looks like this is the week!!

I have ::

:: been inspired on Ravelry

:: found a pattern [and a glorious, new to me, blog]

:: ordered and received the yarn [via Soozs super helpful links]

:: done a little online research

:: and thought about what I am going to bake

:: now I just can't wait to get started


Monday, 20 April 2009

weekend craft retreat


Our craft retreat was fantastic, and I really cannot say enough good things about the venue or the amazing ladies that joined us for a weekend of crafting, eating, chatting & laughing. So thank-you Leslie, Christie, Kirsty, Julia, Carly & Melinda for coming along, and I so look forward to doing this again, soon.

rainbow's quilt - started.

So did I get my quilt top made? - oh yes I certainly did! I sewed like a woman possessed on Friday night and Saturday morning, and got most of the top finished by lunch time on Saturday... love it! and the craziest thing? I am so pleased that it turned out looking just like the picture. Now I just need to add the border, hand it over to Mum to do the machine quilting, and then I get to bind it :: and I am hoping that all of this will be accomplished by the end of this week. 

sewjourn studio style

The rest of my sewing time was spent making leggings, fleecy hoodies and fleecy track pants for the kids. All up one pair of leggings, three hoodies and one pair of tracking (+ another pair this morning)... I was pretty happy with my efforts, especially when we awoke to a very foggy and cold morning today, and I was able to snug up the kids and send them outside all snuggly and warm.

snugged up

her snuggly suit

Thursday, 16 April 2009



I realised this morning that I was completely afraid of actually starting my quilt, well not exactly of starting it, but more of just cutting out the squares. What if I mess it up?... the fabric was brought 3 weeks ago ::  and in the intervening weeks I have scanned it :: created a mock up of the quilt design :: then played with the layout and eventually settled on copying the layout of the quilt that originally inspired me :: washed the fabric :: dried the fabric :: ironed the fabric :: laid the fabric out flat :: and looked at the fabric ::

...and yes, eventually it dawned on me that it is this weekend that I want to make the quilt (well the quilt top anyway); so I screwed up my courage and started cutting... and hey! it was easy :D

I can now go to bed knowing that I have 42 coloured and 112 white 3½ inch squares all cut out and ready to be sewn together. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

milestones :: Daisy style

wip :: babies room

Daisy made the move into her 'big girl bed' on Monday, and as with most things, we were so excited for her, and she was, well underwhelmed springs to mind. With the babies room all freshly painted and rearranged, leaving just the wardrobe and a rug, we were ready to move Daisy out of her cot (which converts into a toddler bed) and into a single bed.

The single bed had to be brought back from the beach, so when we arrived home on Monday one of the first things that I did was sneak into her room and dismantled the cot, then we set up the single bed in it's place... once the bed was made we decided to bring Daisy inside to show her the new sleeping arrangements.

So in we all came, amongst excited parent comments about "Look, here's your new bed"; "wow, Daisy's going to be sleeping in a big girl bed"; and Angus "Daisy's big bed... but mines still Bigger!" (he's very into being bigger at the moment)... she took one look and promptly sat down and played with the newly moved toy shelves, which had replaced the changing table.

So we tried again, "Daisy, look this is your new big girl bed, you'll be sleeping here tonight!"... "Daisy... blah, blah, blah"... eventually she looks up and with the most impatient look she told us "I know". 

and that was that, she went to bed that night and never acted like anything was any different or out of the ordinary. Just like that.

After they went to bed, I re-built the cot, including sides and with the base in the raised position, in the babies room ~ and when Angus wandered down the hall in the morning I heard "Oh look, the cot. For the baby when it comes out of Mummy's tummy"

I think that he gets it. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

the long weekend

We've just enjoyed a weekend away camping at my family's beach property. It will probably be the last time that we get away before the Summer holidays, so of course we spent some time enjoying the beach; but the highlight of our weekend was the Egg hunt on Sunday morning.


20090412_719 20090412_723


20090412_741 20090412_771

The Easter bunny wasn't able to get too close to where we camp, you know, with the dogs and all... so he kindly built some little nests in the deep pine needles on the edge of the path, and left the children a veritable feast of chocolate eggs.

I can feel an Easter tradition being created here ~ pine needle nests, and all those low lying limbs to hide eggs in as the children get older. It's nice to look forward with so much hope...

the cast early easter hunt

and speaking of traditions; the wheatgrass that we grew was used to stage a miniature easter egg hunt once the children were awake. The little easter bunny (that was able to sneak in past the dogs) left some little green wrapped eggs amongst the grass (I was interested to see how long it would take for the children to notice) and 2.4 seconds after they sat at the table, they found them!

and of course we enjoyed some fun on the beach...

32.5 weeks

throwing seaweed

off to find some crabs


Thursday, 9 April 2009

studio space

studio space

Of course I use the term 'studio' loosely; this is the little space that I have eeked out for myself to do my creating, now that I have converted my sewing room into Rainbow's bedroom. Really this space is just the hallway inside our back door, but it's roomy enough for two bookshelves and a small desk. 

lots of space

It all looks a bit sparse, but that it because my sewing machines are stored in the entertainment cabinet in the lounge (away from sticky little fingers!) and all of my craft supplies are kept behind closed doors in a double-door built in robe in another part of the hallway. So while everything is close at hand, and easy to get out, it's just not in this space all the time.

not finished

Now hopefully I will find some time and inclination to finish the clothes that I start, before I press them into service :)

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

idle?... not us

weekend painting

I've been so busy of late just trying to get organised. I have been re-organising, reducing, and removing lots of stuff in an effort to free up our third bedroom for Rainbow. It has meant that one of the built-ins in the hallway had to be purged of its contents, and so much had to be sorted through, and have it's outcome decided. Keep. Give away. Donate. Rubbish.

It has taken me weeks to reach the point that the third bedroom is empty, save for one gentleman's wardrobe, and I am not sure that I could have stayed motivated had I not discovered a few inspiring blogs :: 

{simple mom} this blog is so full of great tips for home management, and has been a daily read of mine since I was introduced to it around six months ago. There is a lot to see, but luckily if you're new you can go to this handy link :: New? Start here.

organized home :: this site has a great side bar that lets you browse this site for articles that you are interested in. 

and then there was this book, sorted, that was available for sale through the book club at kinder. While I missed my chance at ordering it, I did get to sit down and have a read while Angus was at kinder... it really did have some do-able tips on getting (wait for it...) sorted.

wheatgrass | day 4

So now you know, we haven't just been sitting idle watching the grass grow... although we have been doing that too... we have been busy creating a new studio space for me [photo's soon I promise], and had a very productive weekend painting Rainbow's room.

Monday, 6 April 2009

*** Newsflash ***

Everybody is seeing Rainbow's!

Did you see the news? The Oliver's have welcomed a third child to their family, and they have named her - Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver.

Seems we're not the only ones after all : )

Friday, 3 April 2009

the results

perfect indigo | speckled rose

The cabbage dye was the most vibrant, and as promised the white egg was a striking indigo and the brown eggs teal. The beetroot dye turned out quite beautiful, but for a dye that stained anything and everything that it came into contact with, I expected something... deeper, perhaps. The beetroot dye seemed to have some trouble sticking to the egg, and I don't really know why? The result was an interestingly speckled egg, quite beautiful, but unexpected.

what the?

The tumeric was also surprising. On reflection, and thank-you to a high school science experiment involving a raw egg and vinegar, I think what happened was that the tumeric really didn't work, but the clover weeds protected part of the egg shell, while the vinegar started etching away the rest of the shell. Had the egg stayed in the solution for longer, say a week, then the egg would have simply disappeared. Although, this was not what I was expecting, the final product is quite beautiful.

the results

The other dye was coffee, which surprise of surprises resulted in brown eggs. I suppose if I only had access to white eggs, then brown eggs might be quite exciting, especially with a resist pattern on them, but, well, we won't be using the coffee dye again.

Now to find a branch that I am happy with to create our seasonal easter tree feature, or maybe a wreath?... have a lovely weekends, I'll be back on Monday with more Easter goodies.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

This week we've really started our buildup to Easter, it's our way of slowly introducing all of the concepts (that we want to) around the Easter celebration... so hopefully it's not just about the chocolate easter egg hunt. Although of course that is mega-exciting to both young and old.

I've been wanting to try natural egg dyes for a long time now, and finally got organised to do just that. Menu planning on Monday to incorporate some eggy recipes so that the contents of the blown eggs were not wasted; especially because I only buy free range eggs, and I didn't want to compromise my ethics just to buy cheaper eggs for dying. Tuesday was our weekly shop where I bought, eggs, beets, cabbage, and tumeric to use in our dyes. Part of Wednesday afternoon was spent blowing (well technically sucking, I used a 10ml syringe) the contents out of 8 eggs, and using the innards to make a vegetable frittata for dinner. Then most of today was spent making the four natural dyes.

caramel reflected in gold

The recipes were found in issue 8 of Donna Hay, and other than the soaking times which said 30 minutes (I decided to leave my eggs in overnight...) I stuck to the recipes exactly. Beetroot for Rose :: Tumeric for Gold :: Instant coffee for Caramel :: and Cabbage for Blue, which I always thought sound so romantic, but in reality just smells a lot like sauerkraut!

clover weeds

The clover weeds have popped up right on queue.

making a lucky clover egg

So I spent some quiet time sticking the clover leaves to my eggs (while they slept), wrapping them in hose, and sinking them in jars of dye.

clover rose | beetroot dye

I am looking forward to tomorrow to see how these ones turned out; and to spend some time making more with Angus and Daisy. Although their eggs will be of the hard-boiled variety.