Sunday, 31 May 2009

more knitting talk...

The thing about going to the yarn store is that I have to enlist some help, so this week it was Nanna who had the pleasure of sitting in the car with two tired, hungry and fed-up little squeaks. I did leave them with a punnet of strawberries to keep them entertained, but still it's a pretty big ask while I enjoy my 10 minutes of peace.

jitterbug :: this weeks yarn

I think it was worth it though; I got my hands on this lovely Jitterbug yarn, and a new set of DPN's. Lately each project that I start seems to use a different weight of yarn, and to a new knitter such as myself that means a new set of needles. This pastime sure is feeling expensive at the moment ~ but I keep telling myself that my needles (clover bamboo dpn's) are a long term investment, and they are so nice to knit with, after all.

what I spent my pocket money on

I am planning on make a babies kicking bag from this yarn, and hopefully it will take me long enough that it provides some peaceful knitting time while in hospital (yes, I am the queen of wishful thinking)... failing that, then I just need something to carry me over while I am saving up my money for a number of skeins of Malabrigo yarn for my first ever garment for myself... but more on that another time.


Friday, 29 May 2009

a weekly random

:: Time is moving funny for me lately, the hours are slow, the days are fast, the weeks are zipping by. What is with that?... I was 39 weeks on Wednesday, and at this rate I feel that I will be sitting down with the doctors at 42 weeks and 'discussing options' ~ we'll see.

my drink of choice

:: We've all had head-colds, so I've been enjoying a little walk out to the back-garden each morning to re-stock my lemon bowl. While our lemon tree is laden with fruit, it's not-quite-ripe, so I've been grateful to find that each morning there is just enough lemons that have turned yellow to keep me in my drink of choice each day. It's also been nice to wander out for a breath of the brisk morning air, the drink in the sights of the heavy fog, and feel the cold dew on my fingertips ~ before retreating back inside to the warmth and my tissue box.

from our tree...

:: With the late stages of pregnancy, and a family cold, we've been squirreled away inside. So after my (now) usual six-o'clock meltdown on Monday (which Cam witnesses, on account of him being home from work for three days this week) we've been trying out a few changes. More 'A Grade' attention for the kids, and a lot less television (well no television actually)... by mid-week we were all happier, more relaxed, and playing more imaginatively. 

As I type this, they are building a forte out of the couch cushions, on top of the table beside the couch. They are speaking to each other, and me more nicely, and generally the feel in our house is much more peaceful; for which I am so very thankful.


:: We also enjoyed a couple of hours at Nanna + Grandpa's house earlier in the week, where we completed our first kindergarten assignment. Depending on which way you look at it, it was either a success (the kindy teach said that it was 'perfect'), or a disaster (if parents - um, me - weren't meant to take over!)

our first kinder assignment

A few weeks ago, I found a note in our pigeon hole at kinder advising that the new teacher would be sending home an A3 sheet of paper with each child. The idea was for you and your child to make a page about them, it could be a story, or photo's of their favourite toys, or their family, the only rule was that it had to contain at least one photo of your child. The aim was to provide your child with stronger connections between home and kinder. To be quite honest, my initial reaction was dread, and the sheet of paper sat blank for a number of weeks before we did anything about it.

It was quite a relief to complete it earlier in the week, for Angus to take along and give to his kindy teacher.

:: and finally, we are looking forward to another quiet weekend, and hopefully next week will see us without our colds, and back out enjoying the wider community (via loobylu) again. Until then, have a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

little pant's adventures

I've been knitting again (still?), a little pair of pants* this time... a little bit more of a challenge, and a few new stitches and techniques for me to learn. As I am getting close to my due date, Cam kindly offered to drive me to the yarn store last weekend so that I could purchase some new wool, and once there he also waited in the car with both of our children, while I spent a lovely 15 minutes perusing and fondling yarns.

I settled on Rowan's 100% wool aran.


On Monday night I was joined by a lovely group of ladies for our knitting group, the perfect place to start little's pants. It didn't really go according to plan, first I cast on to my circulars only to discover that the newborn size was too small for my circulars; then I transferred onto DPN's, but soon discovered that it was difficult to wrap my yarn on the end of a DPN, and at the end of the third round had lost a couple of stitches ~ third time lucky, the first 4 rounds of the pattern knitted on the straight, then transferred to DPN's after that ~ (does this all sound like goobily gook?)

On Tuesday I was then able to knit, knit, knit ~ up until the short rows. Wow! what a curve ball... after a go at these, I finished the front and back only to discover that I had 8 really big holes in the bum. sigh. There was so much un-knitting to do, that I ended up frogging (unraveling) the lot and starting again.... eagerly watching this youtube vid by Cat Bordhi... I am still only 50% there, the wraps on the knit side are beautiful ~ the wraps on the purl side are terrible (and staying that way!) ~ so if any knitters out there have some tips for me, that would be really appreciated.

Wednesday was spent on other things, as the knitter help resource (thanks Mum!) wasn't due to arrive until the evening, when she kindly showed me how to cast on two stitches from nothing, then the next two days saw me grabbing mere minutes to knit a few more rounds in each leg.


By Friday evening I had the pants finished, including learning how to graft using kitchener stitch, and then knit up a lovely length of i-cord (youtube, you rock!)

So now the big question, will they fit?

I wonder, will they fit?

* for those interested, the pattern is picky pants by little turtle knits.

Friday, 15 May 2009

filling our days [not to be confused with w.a.i.t.i.n.g...]

It's turned quite gloomy out, and with the kids nursing fresh colds, our play has mostly been inside. Although they did enjoy a brief play outside, while I knit alongside them, before retreating back into the warmth of the house, and the pull of some gourmet play-dough baking.

I am still trying to find quiet pursuits that don't involve too much physical activity on my part, as they are quite nice to break up the flurry of normal daily demands ~ snacks, cuddles, tidy ups, laundry, and the like; and as a result now have a little basket that contains a few of my current projects. It has proven to be a handy way to keep everything on hand, but easy to put aside if I am needed elsewhere.

Of course while I have my creative pursuits, I have two small children who also need entertaining  [and I will admit that play-school has received a fair nudge these past few days] but in the other moments, they have been enjoying much colouring in and painting with their water colour pencils, play-dough food play, and after watching me stuffing and folding our freshly [pre-]washed cloth nappies, they have also spent much time nappying and dressing their little baby (dolly).

I think that we have all been getting used to the idea of a wee one entering our lives very soon, only this afternoon Angus assured me that it was "okay to yell HIP HOORAY!" that loud, "it wouldn't scare the baby because the baby was asleep down there" [he said while pointing down] "down there near your foot"...

Well, while I have heard that certain body parts droop over time, but I didn't realise that my pregnant belly was one of them!

Thursday, 14 May 2009



It was a tiring sort of night, it turns out this morning that they both came down with colds. 

So today was spent mostly snuggled on the couch, them puffing and sniffling, and me enjoying the respite from many (many, many) braxton hicks contractions, while knitting a new beanie for Daisy ~ which has, just this evening, been unravelled. It looked the biz, but was just a smidge too small *sigh* and the yarn... well, let's just say, I think that I'll be spending all my upcoming pennies on yarn that looks and feels beautiful. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

adding some fun

While our sand-pit is pretty awesome (oh, and finished), we have included one addition that has taken it to the next level of fun for the kids ~ a bird-bath that sits atop one of the logs and adds an element of water play (or wet sand play, now that the weather has cooled) to the space.

The idea was taken from our Steiner playgroup, where in one of the garden areas out the front of the house, sits a beautifully glazed bird-bath, full of water, pretty shells and ceramic turtles. It is a wonderful space for the children to stop and play before heading home after play-group.

While I would love something similar out the front of our house, I am realistic enough to know that children stopping to play in the pretty water on our way out the door is not going to be soothing and centering for any of us (well especially for me!), in fact I think that it would facilitate full on melt-downs (again, from me)... so instead we have applied the same concept to their backyard sandpit ~ and it has been such a hit with them.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

some thoughts on growing up

So many times of late I feel like I can see Angus growing up right before my eyes. He will be turning 4 in a few months, and I can see him grasping so many new skills right before my eyes ~ language not being the least of them, and I feel so blessed to be an observer in this lovely journey.
an unsolicited flower

As he masters new things I can actually see the growth in his confidence. He moves differently, speaks differently, draws differently and is starting to socialise differently. It's all very exciting and sometimes quite charming.
the beginnings of his written word

After watching him scamper up the climbing tree at playgroup, for the first time, I was already looking at him with fresh wide-eyes. What an amazing thing, my boy, scampering up a tree, all on his own. wow.

play group :: climbing

So it was with that image fresh in my mind that we joined the group for afternoon snack. All of the children sit at a child size table together, while the parents hang back and help if needed. I usually try to sit Angus and Daisy together, and on this day Angus was sitting in the middle between Daisy and another little girl who is probably around the same age as he. I was delighted to witness a lovely set of interactions between Angus and this little girl, as she went out of her way being considerate to him. They held hands during blessing, and she often leaned over to smile at him and make sure that he was okay.

play group :: displaying their creation

Angus looked quite perplexed with all of the attention, and often got out of his seat to come and give me a quick cuddle. While the whole thing was so very sweet and innocent, it opened my eyes to the possibility that maybe Angus would be well liked in school, and that all of the time that I worry that he won't fit in, or that he won't be able to make friends, is completely unfounded. Especially since he has shown no indication that this will be the case, and it is just my own paranoia... I left the play-group session feeling so full of hope and joy... and also quite amused at the sweet but very baffled looks that Angus had while he was the centre of the little girl's attentions.

Monday, 11 May 2009

staying present

With only a few weeks to go, I am trying very hard to stay right here in the present. It's becoming so easy to lose myself in the future, and find myself anxious and fearful of the possibilities... thankfully I have some very effective zen masters living with me in the form of my children. They only exist in the present, and are helping me to do the same.

playing.... now

I am also grateful that I have found knitting at this time, and with a winter baby soon to arrive, it is so easy to knit little bits of softness and beauty, and sit and immerse myself with the soothing, repetitive action of knitting. So perfect for quietening my mind as I concentrate (sometimes a little too hard) on my task at hand.

outside knitting

Then of course there's the outside, showing the last signs of Autumn, and reminding me that even though the weather is cooler, that the winter is not yet here ~ instead we are right here. exactly in the present. where we are meant to be.


autumn's fading

lemons coming on

Sunday, 10 May 2009

my day

mothers day

I awoke this morning to a wonderful light shining through my bedroom window, and my bedroom door open just a crack ~ just enough to reveal a cheeky little face peeking through. He was after a cuddle for Mummy's special day, and was soon joined by his giggling little sister.

While we snuggled (and giggled) little Rainbow was wriggling and kicking away, probably eager to join in all the fun.

A breakfast of hot pancakes was enjoyed soon after... and Cameron made sure that I was looked after, and able to rest, all day long.

Thank-you to my wonderful family for making this mother's day so very special. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Rainbow's Quilt

For the past few months I feel that I have been moving very fast. So many things to do, so many places to be, and so many things to collect (be that make, buy, or find)... so I shouldn't find it surprising that in this past week I am literally exhausted. 

So now I am taking the time to slow down ~ this morning I sat in the sun and finished binding Rainbow's quilt, my first ever quilt! In reality I admit that I didn't actually do the quilting part. My Mum came to my house last week and took the quilt top that I had made, attached it to the wadding and flannelette backing (using her magic spray), and quilted the lot for me ~ I then snatched many moments over the weekend to cut and piece together the rainbow binding, which is made up of all of the coloured fabrics used in the quilt.

bound by a rainbow

It came together beautifully, although I found that I couldn't sit on the couch to hand-stitch on the binding, as my stomach was so squashed that instead of being cozy, it was just uncomfortable. Instead I found myself sitting on a hard-backed chair, with the quilt on the desk in front of me, stitching away while by babes played on the floor along-side me, which ended up being much nicer anyway.

on her bed

and so the nursery is coming along, and just needs a little more tweaking to cozy it up... but first I need to keep working on the slowing down.