Wednesday, 29 July 2009

the key...

fc cardigan

See the key? The one that the cardigan is hanging from? ... do you think that we can find that key?... this is what you could here at my house this afternoon::

Me: Angus, where is the key?

Angus: where is the key.

Me: Angus you know the key that sits in the hole in the cupboard (I point to the hole)

Angus: Nods.

Me: Angus did you touch the key.

Angus: Nods.

Me: Angus where did you put the key?

Angus: where did you put the key.

Me: Angus if you find the key you can have {insert random bribe here}

Angus: ...

One side of Mia's closet is now locked indefinitely, considering that we turned the house upside down after they went to bed, and we still can't find the bloody key!!

gift it fits beautifully

Anyhow, I actually wanted to post about the knit that is hanging off the key {not the key itself!} Last week while enjoying a catch-up with the girls, I admired the wee little knit that Nic was fiddling around with, I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to what she was doing (apparently she was tying to thread some wool through a, too small, needle to sew a button onto it) but I did notice that it was the same knit that I had earmarked to try and size-up for Daisy {and never got around to it}... so I was delighted to discover that the little cardigan was a gift for Mia.

It fits beautifully and the lovely Mia has been enjoying a few snugly daytime sleeps in it too, it's perfect because she now prefers not to be wrapped, and consequently can get a little chilly up top ~ so thank you so much Nic, we love this...

sleep is bliss

and yet again I feel so lucky to have met and got to know some of these ladies a little better through our shared interest in knitting ~ the gifts that they have given Mia have been gratefully received and are just so appropriate for our tastes (which makes me feel a little better about my incessant chatter during our catch ups *lol*) just wait to you see the gorgeous rainbow booties that Naomi scored at our local eco-store!

Monday, 27 July 2009


The Birthday Cake

My baby boy turned 4 on the weekend... and although the time has flown by, I really feel like it is the right time for him to be 4. He is such a big boy now, and we have seen so many changes in him in the last 6 months. Oh yes, he is ready to be 4, and we are ready to enjoy this part of the journey with him.

Our day started with the traditional piling into our family bed where he was presented {pun intended} with a couple of presents, and a literal snowstorm of unwrapping followed. I remember when unwrapping presents was that much fun, paper everywhere and no intention of 'saving' the paper or of being neat about it. The objective being to get to the present, no matter what!

presents in bed unwrapping

sharing the fun happy birthday big bro

the booty

sharing a moment...

Happy Birthday!

A wonderful day shared with family, and a little boy who could barely stop playing with his toys long enough to come and eat. I am pleased to say that he was happy to join us for his cake though...

Friday, 24 July 2009

kinder treat :: milky way cars

happy grid-lock

As Angus' birthday is on the weekend, we needed to take a little treat to his kinder session today ~ and I had the perfect solution, these milky way cars that I spied on 'planning with kids' some time back.

teddy in his car

They are super-dooper-easy! The ingredients are a milky way {as found in the 18 pack, as they are a little smaller}, a pack of m&m's, some choc melts, and a box of tiny teddies. Just melt the choc-melts in a small container in the microwave {30 seconds to start, then a little at a time so that the chocolate doesn't seize} then using a metal skewer place a little dob of the melted chocolate on the side of the bar and press on the m&m {with the m facing in}... to insert the tiny teddy I used the skewer to create a small hole for the teddy to go in, then I gently pushed his legs in. Easy!

all ready for kinder

I was at a bit of a loss on how to present the teddy-cars, until I remembered a stash of mdf panels that I picked up from the Reverse Art Truck a while back. I covered the board with a layer of paper {from the roll from ikea, but you could use butcher paper as well} which I stuck with sticky tape on the back, then I drew a road scene in black marker, after that I covered the lot with a layer of cling-wrap {also sticky taped at the back}.

The teddies were transported to kinder in a container, then quickly laid out in the happy grid-lock pattern {yes! I am quite particular about such things, and only used the happy teddies out of the tiny-teddy box, I mean who wants the grumpy ones at their party anyway?}

It was a huge hit!


... even Daisy was able to partake in one when we got home.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

we've been talking about birthdays...

Retro Birthday
[my 4th birthday]

When I was a child I remember looking forward to my birthday with much excitement, the prospect of waking up and being able to crawl into bed with Mum & Dad to receive my much anticipated birthday present, and of a special day that was all about me, me, me {can you tell that I am a middle child?}... in the lead up to my special day much of my time was spent pouring over the Australian Woman's Weekly Childrens Birthday Cake Book. Every year Mum would make me whichever birthday cake had taken my fancy ~ but, oh my, it was always such a long process, the choosing of the cake, and one that I loved no end.

A few weeks ago we gave Angus a heads up that his birthday was coming up soon, and in hindsight we probably told him a little early because pretty much every morning since then he has woken up and asked me "is today my birthday mummy?"

birthday coloured bunting

Last week, after a kinder session that started with a particularly trying drop-off, he arrived home and I told him that I was so proud of him for staying at kinder, and for playing with the other children ~ to which he replied "thank-you mummy.... can I have my Birthday now?"

It was then that I realised that he is a little fuzzy on just what a birthday is, he seemed to think that it was something tangible that we will give him one day {which is sort of right?!?}

The next morning we had a conversation that included this gem :: 

Me :: "Hey Angus, do you know that you will be getting some presents on your Birthday?" 

A :: "Noooo Mummy!... I'll be getting my presents on the table!"

Me :: in stitches on the floor

Nearly 4

Since then Angus has spent some time sitting with Daddy perusing our copy of the 'Birthday Cake Book', choosing which cake he would like Mummy to make for his birthday. I was listening to part of the conversation from another room, and all I could make out was that each time Angus turned a page he would take a look and say "oh, I love that one" {to every single cake it seemed}... so I was very proud of Cam for managing to get Angus to narrow his selection down to a mere three cakes.

Of course all of the cakes that he selected had an array of 'plastic toys' as decorations, and as we are short on 'plastic toys' {by choice mind you} around here I made a mad dash {metaphorically speaking} to our toy store of choice to order some appropriate eco friendly wooden toys that will not only be the decorations on the cake, but will also become a much treasured addition to the birthday presents that he is receiving this year...

I will be sure to take photo's of our culinary masterpiece the birthday cake to share with you next week...

Lettice : The Birthday Party

In the mean time, we have been spending much time sitting on the couch reading this lovely book "Lettice: the birthday party" and every time we get to the part where they sing happy birthday, so do we. It's been such fun, and the singing - oh my!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

kicking back

kicking back in her bag

I finished the kicking bag ~ my lovely husband offered to drive down to 'the farm' on Sunday so that I could knit in the passenger seat, and knit I did. I didn't quite have enough yarn to make the bag 41cm, but I think that I made it to 40, with just enough yarn left to graft the live stitches together.

I started the grafting somewhere past Frankston and had my head down madly trying to stick to the instructions that I had written on a scrap of paper. Front knit wise, pull off. Front purl wise, leave on. Back purl wise, pull off. Back knit wise, leave on. For some reason the order of the stitches just would not stick in my head, so I sat repeating the steps out loud as I went, trying to concentrate and drown out the jabbering going on around me.

Eventually though the roads got a little too bumpy, and there was one to many round-abouts, and my stomach started to feel just a little unsettled. So I tucked my knitting away {for the return trip}.

mini-cables the finished product

so after our family gathering, Cam again took up position in the drivers seat so that I could finish the grafting... and this time the order of the stitches stuck in my head. So I can conclude that while some of the knitting was, shall we say, tedious. I did learn quite a few things with this project, the mini-cable on the waistband, how to hold my yarn properly, {a skill that I am already seeing the benefits of} and kitchener stitch.

kicking bag in action

The bag itself {while looking a little like a hot water bottle cover} is actually a really good piece... it is easily tucked over Mia's outfit if she is feeling a little cold, and it allows really good leg movement for kicking {surprise, surprise!} ... although I do wish that I had made space in the bag to thread the seatbelt in her car-seat through, as we have to take the bag off for car trips. Other than that, I'm happy with it.


:: out take :: they found me taking photos of Mia in her bag, and that was the end of my beautifully posed shots!

Monday, 13 July 2009

gathering again

We enjoyed a much anticipated visit to 'the farm' this weekend; it has again been a long while since we've been to a family gathering here, and looking back at the photos of the last one makes me so glad that I keep these notes on our life ~ just look how much the children have grown!

family gathering

This time the chooks didn't get a look in with the kids, oh no, it was all about the pigs {oh, and the peewee 50 motorbike, Daisy was very keen to get her hands and her bum on that one, and was most disappointed when we told her that she wasn't big enough yet}... but back to the pigs. Cam took these photos and as you can see Angus was a little freaked out, pigs and their piglets are a little outside his range of experience ~ although I think they are sort of cute ~ so he enjoyed his time playing with his second-cousin on the roof of the pig-shed, much more fun.

a litter of pigs? piglets

he wasn't so sure of the piglets or the mud, so ended up standing on top of the roof.

highest point exploring

Meanwhile I was back at the house enjoying the warmth of the fire, a hot cup of tea and eyeing off the luscious looking dessert spread. As usual the food was amazing, lunch was a buffet of the vital ingredients to make souvlaki and scrummy baked potatoes. So good, but of course we left some room to fit in the pav and raspberry crush that were the cornerstones of the dessert table.

meanwhile i'm back at the house enjoying a cup of tea

We all had a great time, especially with most of the extended family being able to come {a lot of them live interstate} and because we had a chance to meet {or introduce} all of our new littlest ones... we can't wait to do it again.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

want to knit faster?

lovin' my addi circs 

am thinking about getting the addi click system

any input welcome...

Friday, 10 July 2009

warning :: contains very BRIGHT colours!

that smile...

I though that I would ease you in with this black & white photo :: would you just look at that magical little smile :: oh my, I am so so charmed by this little girl of mine :: and it is so so nice to be savouring all of the little moments that we have enjoyed so far :: and a little freaky that I am finding everything so wonderful... ah, gush about her is what I do.

But what I actually wanted show you was the wonderful {and very bright} rainbow quilt that Mia received today. A beautiful, and much anticipated gift from my Mum's best friend ~ thanks Jenny, we love the quilt.

rainbows quilt rainbow detail


fair trade grip toy newby smiles

The little fish-i grab toy is a gift from my dear friend Nicola, who sells fair trade children's toys ~ this one has been a big hit. Mia happily follows along watching the fish-i swimming along above her, and I am sure enjoys the cacophony of giggles and laughter as her brother and sister try to catch the fish {i'm not that slow though}

rainbow quilt :: a gift from my mum's bestie

Thursday, 9 July 2009

out and about

Shall I forgo any mention of 'cabin fever' and how we desperately needed to get out and enjoy a change of scenery? and just jump straight to the ... we had a great time getting out and enjoying a walk along the river, a play in the play-ground, and seeing {which turned into feeding} the ducks.

astrid, the girl with the picturesquesharing bread

them throwing food to the ducks...

After our brief play in the playground, we headed down to the rivers edge so that they could see the ducks. They were quite happy just watching the ducks swimming around {and throwing the occasional handful of pebbles to them as 'food'} when a little girl came over and offered them a slice of bread to break up and throw.

She was visiting the ducks with her Nanna, who had obviously decided that my kids would have more fun if they fed the ducks, and she was right. All three children had a lovely time feeding the ducks, and when there were none to be fed, they fed themselves...

tired & obviously hungry


Of course it was nice to see Angus running around and burning off all of that 'boy' energy that he seems to have. running. climbing. laughing. imagining. You know, some days I do wish that I had a friend in my neighborhood who had a son the same age as Angus ~ I think that we would both enjoy someone to hang out with in the park... and I am sure that the boys would have a ball using up all that 'boy' energy.

pretend 'falling'more energy...climbing

burning off some of his energy