Monday, 31 August 2009

a peg bag

neatly tucked inside

I feel as though I haven't done any sewing for such a long time, and I must say, I am noticing the lack! So on Saturday morning I decided to spend five minutes knocking up a little peg bag to provide an easy home for the array of wooden pegs that a usually strewn all over our floor.

peg bag

Of course it didn't really take five minutes, and was actually one 'oops' after another... but eventually the idea that had been buzzing around my head was finally pieced together, and the result was the cute little bag that is buttoned to the children's clothes line; and finally the pegs have a home!


So far it's been a success, it looks good, it's created a new 'thing' to play with, and the pegs have been happily returned to their home after each 'play date' ~ and that, I must say, is a good thing.

Friday, 28 August 2009

weeks end

home-cut fringe
:: I had a 'moment' and decided then and there that I needed to see his face again. I have no hair-dressing skill at all, hence a terrible {
chewed} fringe, but hey, I can see him again! {he is having his hair cut for real on Monday, so this 'do' is only for the weekend}

friday afternoon nap
:: a 'big' week finally caught up with him and he fell asleep for and hour-and-a-half on a cushion on the lounge room floor. bless.

new books
:: the exchange rate was just too good, and the postage surprisingly fast. I'll be enjoying a little reading this weekend {even though Cam thinks that all the rest were just to disguise that I really only wanted Amanda's new book...}

:: have a wonderful weekend...

Thursday, 27 August 2009

click clack...

click clack... hopefully he's fixed her back

... hopefully he's fixed her back! {and we're not going to talk about how we managed to get to 12 weeks with her neck out {apparently it was the top vertebrae} the one that effects respiratory and feeding ~ my days are now filled with feeding, screaming {mainly hers, but sometimes mine}, pumping, 'proper' eating, and {trying} to rest... let me tell you this 3 kiddo thingo sometimes aint as easy as it may appear...}

amusing themselves

... but then again, sometimes it is.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


blue berries {for} blue day

shopping day and blue berries for 'blue day' at kinder.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

the first time

up for the first time

that we've put it up in 'pigtails'... she liked it.

Monday, 24 August 2009

freshly painted

freshly painted

... it's a very big room, and I still need to decorate {but at least} it's freshly painted.

Thursday, 20 August 2009


home :: painting

monday :: angus was "sicking out the yuckies in his tummy" so we cancelled our activities and stayed home

tuesday :: we all got dressed and ready to go food shopping {me & the three of them} when the phone rang ~ cam had taken both sets of keys to work, so with no transport, we stayed home

wednesday :: we had a very successful food shopping expedition {me & the three of them} calm mummy, co-operative kids {well the small one slept}. In the afternoon Daisy, Mia & I braved the local shopping centre to stock up on our Crayola washable textas & paints so that we could create masterpieces at home

home :: pasting

thursday :: {today} we stayed home and waited for the man to come and clean out our *ahem* septic tank ~ i am sure that he appreciated the pint-sized audience standing on the kitchen bench watching him work while i fielded their questions and assured a teary Angus that the man wasn't 'sucking up the big toilet' {we had to go and check that it was still where it should be once the man & his truck had gone}

home :: sitting & knitting

friday :: {tomorrow} we are looking forward to my friend coming to visit us at home

home :: being
{you can see how much Mia has grown here}

highlights :: angus getting accepted into 4yo kinder for next year {yay! hooray! thank goodness!} :: mia delighting me by laughing for the very first time {it makes my heart flutter every time that I think about it} :: getting my lady sweater back on track

Friday, 14 August 2009


february lady sweater {started}

February Lady Sweater.

malabrigo yarn

It's my first attempt at knitting myself a garment, and after the initial cast on it was going really well, my stitch increases worked a treat and the shaping seemed to take care of itself. Then the pattern repeat started; now I've spent more time {un}knitting than I've spent knitting ~ I keep making silly mistakes, like forgetting a yarn-over which makes my stitch count drop, and the pattern goes all random {and not in a good way}.

The {un}knitting was fairly soothing at the beginning, but now it's getting quite frustrating so I've been spending some time knitting a beanie for Cam ~ the yarn is a black Jo Sharp aran tweed, so although I am mucking up the stitch repeat slightly in that too, it doesn't matter because the yarn is hiding a multitude of sins {and right now I like that}.


I'm starting to accept that the FLS won't be completed for this season, but it's such beautiful yarn that I'd rather take an eon to finish it, but know that I got it right. There's not much point paying all that money and spending all that time knitting if I won't wear it, is there.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

for a few minutes each day

possibly my favourite time each day

Each evening, just after dinner, I set myself up in front of the heater in the lounge room. The change mat on the floor covered with a flat cloth nappy and a towel, a clean outfit and nappy alongside, a little toiletries bag containing some sweet smelling massage oil, and a tummy tub filled with warm water.

Daisy helps me get Mia ready, while Angus and Cam crash and giggle on the couch behind me, no matter how grizzly Mia may be, as soon as she sinks into the warmth of the tub her cries cease and she relaxes. Smiles and happy eyes soon follow.

After a tough day in the 'office' this is possibly my favourite time each day.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

my new 'favourite' knitting bag


Each week getting ready for knitting involves rounding up my current knitting project and associated supplies and stuffing them into, wait for it... a plastic snap lock bag *horror*... and every week I vow to myself that I will eek out some time to make myself a hand-crafted knitting bag. Well up until now my 'eeker' seems to have been broken, but this morning Mia enjoyed a four {4!} hour nap, and during that time Angus and Daisy were happily {happily!!} playing in the yard.

Now I've had an idea for a bag for a while, and it came about because I have a favourite pair of jeans that I just can't part with; once, long ago they fit me, but since then the jeans seem to have shrunk {or is it that my derrière has expanded *blush*} so they were refashioned into a pair of maternity jeans {that just for the record would not stay up} then they made their way into the 'charity' pile BUT I seem to be incapable of getting rid of them.

So the idea of making a bag {or two} out of them occurred to me ~ I mean why waste all of those zippers and pockets?...

a bag for my knitting

If you are at all interested, it was pretty easy to make... {post script: I've discovered that it's a little hard to write instructions... but here they are all the same}

1. iron jeans 2. cut out the part of the jeans that you want to use {I wanted to use the section with the pockets, and I used the section with the other pocket as the lining} so I cut off the bottom of one leg, then used that as a template to cut off the same amount on the other leg 3. turn one piece inside-out and then place the two 'tubes' right sides together 4. cut out two smaller tubes {mine were 2.5" wide} from one of the leg off-cuts, then cut so that it forms a rectangle of fabric. I cut enough of these to make up the total length of my strap, then I joined them together 5. fold the long edge of the strap in 1cm and press 6. cut another piece of fabric {either more denim or a piece of you favourite print fabric like I did} again 2.5" wide 7. fold a 1cm edge on both long sides and press 8. place both strips of fabric, wrong sides together, and sew along the edge to join 9. place raw ends into the side of your bag to form the handle, making sure the strap is between the right sides of the fabric so when you turn the bag right side out, the strap is on the outside 10. sew around the top of the bag, over the ends of the strap 11. turn bag right side out to check straps are ok 12. edge stitch around the top of the bag 13. turn bag back the wrong side out and cut another piece of your jeans to create the base. I didn't measure this piece, I just guessed based on the whole in the bottom of my bag, then I just roughly sewed it together 14. place a piece of template plastic in the bottom to give the back a little more shape and stitch in 15. turn bag right side out, but with the lining hanging out 16. I just 'roughed' a base into the inside of the bag lining, because the side seams were already closed {I need to go back later and add some bias binding to the exposed seam} 17. stuff the lining back into the bag and you're done. 

I know dodgy explanation, but trust me when I say it was pretty 'organic' bag making...

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

in :: out {or me + trying to articulate errant thoughts = waffling, a seemingly constant state for me of late...}

in :: out

I would love to have a pretty home, a home put together with pieces that I love, in an aesthetic that resonates deeply within me... but the reality is that I don't have the time, or the patience, to drag three young children around vintage stores, or even retail stores, looking for the piece that is 'just so' for placement in my home; and really, I don't even know what 'my aesthetic' actually is.

I do know what I like when I see it though ~ and lately I have spent a lot of time admiring the eclectic mix that Tif from Dottie Angel has created her home with :: or the light and airy design of Sharalyn of Lovely Design :: or the well selected peices that make up Ella from Little Red Cabooses home :: or a barage of other beautiful homes that grace the internet.

I can appreciate though, that now is not my season to beautify my house, acceptance is much more graceful {and possibly much more fun}...

I have also been thinking about a comment that an acquaintance made to me a while back, she said {and this is not quoted, but what I 'remember') she said that she had seen my house on my blog and it looked so bright and perfect, and while she would happily come to our house for a play-date, there is no way that I would ever be able to go to her house as it was always such a mess...

in :: out*

I have thought about this comment a lot, and it sort of makes me sad. While I do love my blog to be a pretty place, a place where I can celebrate the beautiful moments in my life, and a place where I can look back and remember those things that were lovely during this time, I also don't want it to be a contrived place. Yes I will tidy things out the way to take a photo, or I will zoom in so that the mess doesn't show, and I have been known to take 'zero' photos while the space around me isn't spotless but I also want to post regularly, and that's not happening because, well, I find myself thinking my life isn't 'perfect' enough most of the time. oh my, and doesn't that sound so stupid when I put it in writing!!

in :: out

Anyway, recently while looking back on Tif's archives I noticed that she often links to a picture of 'real life' {ie: messy life} and I had one of those 'ah ha' moments ~ I could do that too; I could post the pretty pictures, but then in the interest of realism, post the messy real life stuff in a link. Why? ... I don't know, I guess while it's nice to have a perfect space, it's also nice to reveal the vulnerable, normal side, because in real life isn't that what we all connect over? isn't that the stuff that we be-moan over coffee? isn't that what real friends tell each other about?... who wants to spend all their time with a friend whose life never shows any cracks? who has a perfect husband, house, child, or whatever? don't we all want to reach out and help our friends in need? don't we want friends that will help us out in our darker moments?... 

So after reading Tamara's recent post, I thought that I would throw my thoughts out there too, and send a little wish to the universe that my favourite internet buddies all start posting a little more often {because I am missing quite a number of them} and hopefully not feel that they can only post about the 'perfect' stuff, because we all know "life's not meant to be perfect!" 

* you can click on the out's to see my 'real life'. enjoy.