Wednesday, 16 December 2009

teachers gifts

teacher gifts

Oops! I didn't mean to fall of the planet, but sometimes life just gets a little overwhelming for me :: that and I spent the last week reading the entire Twilight saga; it was brilliant, and I couldn't put it down. I am glad to be finished though, as I was starting to miss my 'real' life, and now that I have surfaced again I've discovered that I have things that I really need to do.

The first of those was the teacher gift for Angus' last day at kinder today, and true to form I left it all to the very last minute.

coffee cosy ~ voucher ~ mints

When I woke up this morning I sat down and wrote myself a to-do list for the day, and made a note 'Teachers gift... what??'. I wanted to make a coffee cup cozy, but my electricity was due to be switched off at 8am until 2:30pm, so it looked like I wouldn't have time to make them :: but at five-to-eight I decided to have a go, and madly set about tracing the pattern off my computer screen (I'm too disorganised/lazy to buy ink for my printer!), then I quickly cut out the peices, and sewed them up, turned them out, and topstitched them; all before the power went out (... ok, ok it's not that impressive, the power didn't go out until 9am ~ I got lucky!)

The next hurdle was what to put in them; I wanted to get a take-away cup and a coffee voucher from the cafe close to kinder, but it's a small business and I wasn't willing to take a punt (at this late stage) on them actually having vouchers. So instead I bundled us all into the car and headed off for Doncaster, for the second time this week (see, I knew I was going crazy...)

all packaged up

We filled them with a Gloria Jeans voucher, some after coffee mints and a Borders voucher. I also included a little Christmas card with a note saying that we hoped that they spent a little 'time out' over the holiday season to enjoy a cuppa and a good read. Advice that I think we could all take.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

o' christmas tree...

o' christmas tree

... is up, but still needs quite a bit of work on the 'dec-a-ations'.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

sparkling moments

sparkling moments

I've been on the look-out for 'sparkling moments' this week... they can be anything, an experience, an interaction, or even an acquisition. The important thing is not how long it lasts, a few seconds or a few minutes, the important thing is to stop. and realise that this is it, this is a 'sparkling moment'.

I wasn't sure where my 'sparkling moment' was going to come from this week, or why it would be better than all of the other moments, but today I found it.

Mum and I took Angus & Daisy to the toy store so that Mum could purchase a gift for a friends little boy. When we got out of the car there was a store that sold balloons and other party supplies ~ immediately I vetoed any balloon action, and we hot-footed it to the toy store; after the toy store we had a quick look in the bead store, but as any mother of small children will know, a bead store is not a good place for kids; there was just too many things for them to accidentally break or knock over...

So I tempted them out of that shop by offering up a look in the Balloon store...

from the best balloon shop

... and I am so glad that I did.

We had such fun looking at all of the jars of balloons, trying to chose one each... looking at all the little pictures and imagining what they would be like when the were blown up; trying to choose the right colour. Every time I said to the kids, what about this one {Thomas the tank, a princess balloon, a jungle animal?} They responded with an excited "Yes!"

After much consideration we left the store with two helium inflated balloons; one green jungle balloon, and one pink princess balloon.

An afternoon of revelry followed, including many 'parties'... for the 10 minute drive and $4 outlay, I'll be keeping this one in mind in the future.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

six months

six months

Six months already my love, and look how far we've come.

You're rolling everywhere now, as soon as I put you down you're off... usually under something or into something ~ and lately you've even managed to reach the blocks out of the baskets, just so you've got something different to chew.

Daisy is very particular on what you are allowed to play with, and what you're not! If she catches sight of you with something that does not belong to you, it is quickly taken from your hands and replaced by one of your very own toys.

You've started to eat your solids, after a month of trying, a day before you turned six months it finally clicked for you and I can tell that we are now off on a new adventure together.

Your very first tooth made an appearance last week, soon followed by another, and just like your brother before you, you 'snuck' them out; no rosy cheeks, no swollen gums, and no other signs ~ just one day there they were... and of course now that you have some teeth we are all eagerly awaiting your first words.

You are fascinated by nature, especially the grass, whenever you get the chance you happily dig your toes in, or take lovely big handfuls to examine.

Already you adore your big brother and sister and try to be near them while they play, watching on completely fascinated with their antics. Thankfully they find you just as entertaining, and we all love to listen to the big belly laughs that you give us when Daisy rocks you from side-to-side, or when Angus growls at you in his biggest voice.

You smile at everyone, and I often find myself having conversations with complete strangers who have stopped to make ga-ga-eyes at you ~ not to mention those of us who you see everyday, you have a grin that is so contagious, and I love that you bring a smile to all of our faces.

sibling love

and of course, I love that you are my girl, a complete Mummy's girl, just like your sister was.

Happy six months my baby....

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

crochet garland anybody?

What to do with Christmas fast approaching and the urge to crochet still running strong?... a christmas-themed-crochet-garland, of course!


Originally inspired a while back by this beautiful example by emma lamb, I found myself sitting down to eat my cereal each morning, hook and yarn in hand, creating some shape or other.


This star I had already made, before I caught sight of the garland... the inspiring Lucy posted about it, and the tutorial is from the royal sisters... but then all of this started something...

First there was this shape, copied from emma's garland; I didn't write down the 'pattern' but I just crochet along and worked it out as I went, trying something, unravelling it when it didn't quite work, modifying as I went along... and eventually, this was what eventuated.


Next came the flower, again the same process of nutting it out as I went along, but this time I had to learn a new stitch; the double treble crochet {I think that's what it's called?} I needed to find a 'longer' crochet to make my petals a little pointier in the middle. I think that it worked out ok?


and then this evening, while I was supposed to be making a start on dinner, I went a-googling and found a pattern for this snowflake, which although lovely as it might be, and well suited to my slowly-but-surely-taking-shape garland, I thought the the first two rounds were just perfect as they were ::


... a little six-pointed-star.

So now in my fickle mind I am seeing a simple garland made up of these little stars, or maybe even a small Christmas tree decorated with this here handcrafted crochet goodness?

I'll be sure to keep you posted.