Friday, 26 February 2010


combined again...

I awoke this morning to the sound of my venetian blinds rattling, and when I looked up I saw my, very awake baby girl, with her hand out the side of her cot, playing with them. My first reaction was to think of a way to reconfigure our room layout so that she can't reach the blinds, but I quickly saw that really it's time for us to move her into her own room.

I've struggled with this before, not because I don't want her in her own room, but because we are a five-person-household with three bedrooms. Cam and I have been happy to share with Mia so that Angus and Daisy could have their own room, and the 'plan' is that Mia and Daisy will eventually share a room ~ but at this time, with Mia having so many daytime sleeps, and Daisy being ever so 'helpful' I am not that keen on having them share just yet.

So the next best thing? ... I spent my morning rearranging so that Angus and Daisy are sharing the big room once again, and Mia will be going into the smaller bedroom {as originally planned} although she will have one more night in our bedroom then tomorrow I will dismantle her cot and move it into the space in her new room.