Monday, 22 February 2010


craft weekends

I just spent an excellent weekend at Rye for another, much anticipated, craft weekend. The organisation of this one wholey-and-soley to the credit of Leslie {I was much too busy disappearing down the coast to even help out!} So I've gotta say, thank-you so much Leslie!! The venue was fun, the sewing table was huge, the couches comfy and the wine chilled.... and that's not even mentioning the great company.

boy bibs taggies

I didn't have a big project to tackle this time, just some bits and pieces that I wanted to get finished, and even then I think I spent too much time talking and not enough sewing. Luckily my fellow crafters are able to chat, sew AND mother all at the same time, so I was able to watch them make their beautiful creations. Leslie made this beautiful quilt top, and just watching her put it together was so inspiring, she is so talented; Emily made some beautiful european pillow cases in the most lovely fabrics; and Julia just whipped together a gorgeous dolls quilt for her daughter {which I promise I will link too when/if she does a post on it}.


Check-out on Sunday was pretty early, so Jules and I were at liberty to entertain ourselves on the way home. Could we think of anything to do?.... of course not! I did mention as we were about to pass the Dromana exit ramp that I wouldn't mind dropping into Diggers, and luckily Jules was keen, so I did get the chance to supplement my seed stash.