Tuesday, 2 March 2010

9 months

nine months

Wow! It only feels like last week that I was here writing about her at 8 months, now we are at 9. We've had a bit of fun around here of late trying to explain to Angus exactly how old Mia is. He understands ages by 1. the number of fingers that you hold up, and 2. by the age that your became at your last birthday. His is easy, he's four {holds up four fingers}, Daisy is three, she turned three {hold up three fingers} last birthday... so how old in Mia? I've tried explaining that she will be one next birthing {and held up one finger}, only to be told that she is not one as she hasn't had a birthday. I've tried telling him that she is zero, and tucked all my fingers in. No that's not right either, she must be something; and i've tried to bend over the top of my finger and tell him that she is not yet one, but she is nearly there... that doesn't cut it either. So my solution?.... pure distraction, if he is thinking about something else then I don't have to explain anymore. It works sometimes.

nine months

Nine Months ::

:: you have two bottom teeth and four top teeth, all of which were cross-cut.

:: we've tried two sessions of childcare and discovered that neither you nor I are ready for that separation just yet... so for now you get my undivided attention once a week while your brother and sister have a blast at the 'play-centre'.

:: you are still a 'spare' eater, but can be coerced into a little baby porridge for breakfast, a nice stew for lunch, a tub of yogurt in the afternoon, and a sandwich or casserole for dinner. Up until last week you were still having two feeds overnight, but thankfully with the switch to your own room came a reduction in night-wakings and now you are only having one bottle and a much bigger sleep-in in the mornings.

:: you have a matching set of callouses on the tops of your knees from scooting around the house 'commando style'. While you often boost yourself up onto all fours, or an A-frame, your not looking like you are going to crawl. In fact I wouldn't be all that surprised if you skipped that crawling business all together.

:: You like to recline on your side and look up at us with your cheeky, crooked grin, and I think that it will not be long until you are sitting yourself up. In fact, I found Daisy placing you in a sitting position on the kitchen floor only yesterday, thankfully you are able to lower yourself back down to your side, saving your poor noggin from hitting the hard floor.

:: You are starting to protest when I put you in your car-seat, but that is probably because we are in and out of the car so much with kinder pick-ups and drop-offs, so I can sympathise that it is all wearing a little thin.

:: You are now having two sleeps each day, a big one in the morning and then another shorter one in the afternoon

:: You are growing up too. fast.