Wednesday, 24 March 2010

boxy pouches

box pouch

Last night, after the children were safely tucked up in bed, and Cam had headed out, I found myself sitting in my hallway, in front of my craft cupboard, sifting my way through my fabric stash. There were many fabrics there that I had forgotten about, and others that I am waiting for just the right project.

bits and pieces

I spent a blissful hour sorting through my fabrics and notions and setting aside a little selection to make some box pouches, and then, even though it was much too late, I went right ahead a made one anyway, using this tutorial.

box pouch

It's a bit wonky, and I can see quite a few areas for improvements and embellishments, but for now I'm just happy that I made the time to sit down at my machine*; no doubt there will be more where this one came from.

playing with fabric

* more to share on this soon!