Friday, 26 March 2010

ice cream

felt ice cream cone

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream, for ice cream ~ as remembered by my 8 year old self.

felt ice cream

I have spent the last few (um, more like 6) weeks, slowly stitching together this little ice cream set. The cone itself took me a week of snatched moments where I slowly stitched together each crease. The ice cream balls took significantly longer ~ not for the first time, I was completely bamboozled by my japanese instructions.

felt peppermint choc chip ice cream

I forged ahead regardless, all-the-while asking friends "what do you think that this means" then thrusting a japanese instruction page under their nose. The most common response?... do you realise that this whole book is in Japanese?... "um yes, yes I do ~ and normally that is not a problem as the diagrams are so clear, BUT this one?... I have no idea"

felt strawberry ice cream

Eventually I asked my husband, and sure enough he had a different take on it to what I did. So I tried his idea, and it seemed to work quite well. It looks pretty close to what is in the book, just seems to use a few less pattern pieces. I went ahead and re-did them all with 'new and improved' bases; but I admit... I'm still a little dubious.

felt ice cream & waffle cone

I think that next time {and there will be a next time, because this set is about to be sent off to their new home}, next time I will be introducing some magnets into the design. Then we'll see who wants to stick around.

felt ice cream cone

If you're interested, the pattern can be found in this book.