Wednesday, 10 March 2010

making me happy

where the other fairies slept last night

My garden makes me happy, I love the way that it is all symetrical, I love that everything is in it's place, I love that all of my plants are growing, and I especially love that when I walk up the ramp from the front door, I can see the toadstools popping up. What I then love is that leads us to many chats, while sitting at the edge of the garden bed, about fairies. I told Angus that the fairies slept underneath the toadstools at night, and he informed me {in no uncertain terms} that "No. The fairies sleep on the tops of the toadstools Mum." Ah, I stand corrected, of course no civilised fairy would like to sleep on the damp ground. Ah ha.

where the fairy's took shelter from the rain

However, this morning upon sighting this particular toadstool, I am quite certain that more than one fairy may have spent the night here, under the toadstool, sheltered from the dew. In fact, I think that they may have even partaken in a little partying?... no?

broccoli, beets & carrots

In the other garden bed we clearly only attract worker fairies {or other worker wot-nots} because this garden is all about produce. My beets are flourishing, my broccoli and onions are looking ravashing, and my carrots?

carrots waiting for thinning...

.... my carrots have taken off like lightning. I really, really need to thin them, but my Perpetual Moon Calendar tells me that I have to wait until Friday. I can't wait. See it's the small things that keep my both happy and sane {arguable of course!}

lettuces and

This is the other side of the same bed, leek seedlings {most of them germinated, and I am like a proud mama duck}, lettuce and spinach.

All good, and all making me very happy.