Monday, 1 March 2010

school prep

thinking about school

As you know, Angus started four-year-old kinder this year, and that can only mean one thing. It's off to school for him next year! We have been interested in our local primary school for a while, and I've recently had a couple of chats with local Mum's who have their older children in the school ~ so far I have only heard good things. So I organised a tour of the school and this morning was it.

Cam took the morning off work so that we could check it our together, and after we dropped Angus and kinder, the rest of us met up with the vice-principle of the school for a one-on-one information session, and a school tour.

I was very relieved to find that we liked what we saw. Funnily enough Cam and I are not particularly interested in the academic prowess of the school, I think that we both figure {well I know that I do} that we are both fairly intelligent, so if our kids need help then we can provide a good level of support at home; but we were very interested in the social aspects of the school, and thankfully we were not disappointed. They have a set of key criteria that they introduce to the children right from the first day, and it's not all high level jargon, it is a child-friendly method that made a lot of sense to us.

They also have excellent facilities, a {seemingly} clear line of communication between the teachers and the parents, and a Principle who seems to be universally adored... We got to see this year's preppy classes in action, and were blown away by just how 'grown up' these children appeared, especially considering that will be our child next year; and we got a feel for what and how they teach these little people.

I am pleased to say that we were very impressed, and now just need to sit down and fill in the rather large enrollment paperwork, then start saving for the school uniform, books and whatever else our little boy will need for the beginning of his school career.