Friday, 12 March 2010


autumn how i love thee

Over the last few months I've noticed that I've lost my photo-mojo; I still like taking photographs, but I've just found that I haven't felt the urge to reach for my camera quite so much. Days go by and I realise that I haven't taken any photo's at all.

making 'milky-shakes'

Last week it dawned on me that my children's childhoods are slipping away, and I'm forgetting to capture the passage ~ I vowed to take at least one photo, each day, of each of them. Even if they never get 'published' at least I will be able to see the changes that happen over time, and remember so many of the beautiful moments that make up these special years.


and do you know what happened?

what a show off!

I'll tell you what happened; I found myself reaching for my camera more and more, and I found myself enjoying so many more of our moments throughout our very busy days. I found more things to like about my children.

second breakfast

I found more pleasure in the daily activities that fill our days, and I remembered, more often, to pause and recognise what a beautiful life I have right now. {including these amazing tomatoes from my mother-in-laws garden, so, so sweet ~ thanks Jan}


I found myself taking more time to enjoy the simple things, sitting on the ground, reading stories to my children. Finding the perfect shade of felt to finish a project in time for Easter, then finding the perfect shade of thread in my stash to match the felt; and because I stopped to photograph my threads, I felt so very grateful {again} that my Mum decided to update her DMC stash, and therefore donate her old stash to me.

post dinner planning
[photo by Cam]

and because I've taken all of these photos of my day, not only to I appreciate just how tired I am in the evening, but I appreciate that I can look back {albeit briefly} and remember some of the special moments that made up my day today.