Thursday, 4 March 2010

swapping tea-towels

in progress

I decided to partake in the tea-towel swap that Soozs organised, after being inspired by the creative pursuits of Tania from Myrtle & Eunice. When the swap was announced it was my choice if I wanted to swap with 2, 5 or 10 other people... of course I chose 10! and to make sure that I was 'safe' I bought 20 linen tea-towels.

On Tuesday I jumped right on in and started creating my master-piece, only to find that it wasn't going to be all smooth sailing... but after a few heart-stopping moments, and amongst quite a bit of mess, and a fair amount of plan B, um plan C, and possible plan D planning, which resulted in my reverting right back to Plan A, I managed to work it all out and come up with something that I am very happy with.

I finally used my Gocco, the first time since purchasing it a number of years ago, and now I am very excited about getting some fresh supplies for it and repeating the experience. Quite surprising considering that ten minutes into my first attempt I was trying to figure out just how much I would be able to sell the damn thing on ebay for!.... goes to show that persistence pays, and now I am hooked.


While I stuck to my original design idea, I did hit an obstacle when both the fabric and the screens were not able to support the 'fineness' of my design {because I was using paint, not ink I think?} ~ but luckily after a bit of a think-tank at knitting, the ever creative Naomi came up with the perfect solution to my dilemma and a small piece of template plastic and some stamping came to the rescue.


I still need to spend some time ironing and heat setting my tea-towels before that are packaged up and sent off so I will have to hold off on the big reveal until next week!