Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Who Killed Dave?


At the end of last year, Linda from Living the Good Life offered up 5o copies of her new book, the catch? you needed to write a book review on your blog within six weeks of receiving your copy. Well I received my book {promptly and packaged up in re-used packaging} as promised, then headed off on summer holidays were I enjoyed a relaxing read... then life zoomed on by and I realised that week after week I hadn't yet done my review.

Luckily for me my husband also read the book, and he has kindly agreed to review it for me here instead; I hope that you enjoy his first guest post!


I read Who Killed Dave? while we were away on our Christmas holidays. I was not really something that I would take the time to read, but after listening to my wife chuckle, and sometimes belly laugh her way through the book, I thought that it was worth a look.

Having previously read Living the Good Life by Linda Cockburn, I must say I was looking forward to seeing what sort of humorous fiction would come from someone who would rename 2 chickens that chased her “dead” and “gone” prior to having them slaughtered for dinner!!

Without wanting to give away too much of the story, the murder/mystery aspect of the plot was well done, and I found myself constantly changing my mind as to who dunnit.

The real joy in the book for me however, were the characters. They were incredibly rich, amazingly Australian, and totally out there from somewhere in the back yard of you think at the start, then they start reminding you of someone in the back yard next door, or a family member, or even yourself. I think once you get to know the characters you will identify in them the the more extreme aspects of personalities that you know, or even yourself.

It is the warts and all portrayal of the people, and what motivates them that makes this book so funny. I wouldn’t send it to an American, as the ironic humor and piss taking in the book would miss the mark entirely, but would certainly recommend it to any of my friends who want a good laugh.