Tuesday, 20 April 2010

i ❤ my garden

homegrown broccoli

Remember how inspired I was after being able to play in my Dad's vegie patch over Summer? and remember how I got right in {with a little help from my family} and started my very own?... well last time that I mentioned it, I don't think that I was completely forthcoming on the fact that this garden is mine.

Mine. Mine. Mine!

I do share it, sort of. I let Daisy 'help' me thin the little {and sometimes fat} green caterpillers that like to devour my broccoli :: I let Angus fossick through the mulch and find millepedes :: I spend time out there with the kids pointing out which ones are weeds {"yes, you can pull that one out"}, and which one are plants :: I share any produce with my family :: but fundamentally it is my garden.

B1 :: with notes

Now that doesn't sound like too much of a big deal, I know. But, in the past we have tried various gardens that have all flopped, and the reason that they have failed? well I really think that is because we had shared ownership of them, and as a result after the initial enthusiasm everyone sort of petered off and left it to others to do the watering, weeding and nurturing.

B2 :: with notes

Well not this time. This time I have been very clear to all and sundry that it is my garden, and I have taken great pride in researching my plants, chatting to 'older heads' about my garden concerns or obstacles, looking after and nurturing my plants, and of course harvesting the beautiful bounty {and then of course revelling in the joy of sharing said bounty in the form of a beautifully cooked meal}.

B3 :: with notes

One of the things that I have found about my garden, which I was sort of {but not really} expecting, is that it is such a haven for me. I can potter around out there and feel totally relaxed, there is no pressure on me to be or do anything. I feel nurtured myself after spending an hour or two weeding, or planting, or inspecting my plants for pests. I love that my garden is completely chemical free, and I'm not interested in boosting it along in a non-natural way. I want my vegetables to grow at their own rate, the way nature intended, and then enjoy all of the flavour that brings; and then once we have enjoyed eating said produce, I love that I can then cut up the scraps, add them to my bokashi bucket, and use the bokashi juice to feed the rest of my plants when I water.

Can you see the joy that I am getting here?... really, if you are so inclined, I can't recommend this 'vegie gardening' thing enough.