Tuesday, 13 April 2010

school holiday knitting

cabled yoke

When I said that the knitting time was plentiful, I did not lie. In the first week of our holiday I spent much time sitting in the sun, knitting, while my children played around me. I would then spend an hour or two sitting up in bed in the evening, after my children were safely tucked in theirs, and do a little more knitting.

My objective?... to start and finish the Baby Cable Yoke Jacket by Cotton & Cloud*. I didn't quite make it, but in my defense I did end my holiday three days prematurely, and I did keep knitting when I got home, finally finishing it on Friday night. So I guess in some convoluted, completely irrelevant way, I did accomplish what I set out to do.

The funny thing is, that I needn't have rushed {sort of goes without saying when it comes to the slow sport of knitting, right?} but really, I made the 12-24 months sizing, and Mia is small for her age anyway, so the finished piece is so large that I can't even put it on her for some photos. At a guess I would say we are about four {or more} months away from her being able to wear it.

So the actual knitting? I found this piece really interesting to knit. There are a lot of components to knit, and then they all come together to finally cumulate into knitting the banding around the body and the hood. It all seemed a little complicated when I first read the pattern through, but a quick look at the suggested you-tube videos {included in the pattern} quickly allayed any fears that I had.

It was my first time knitting cable, and I can honestly say that it was a cinch; as was the crochet provisional cast-on, the only thing that I found tricky in this one was the one-row button holes, for some reason I ended up with a hole next to each button hole, as large as the hole itself!?! Not quite sure what I did wrong there, but it was very easily fixed while I was weaving my ends in at the end.

The yarn I purchased from the Bendigo Woollen Mill, my first purchase and certainly something that I shall be repeating. The wool is nice, not sublime like some of my more expensive yarns, but definitely nice. It's the luxury yarn in a 10 ply, so this Jacket is going to be very warm. As a bonus, I now have a set of sample cards for the mill so any other purchases that I make will be easier as I now know exactly what colours the yarns are.

I think though I will be taking a little break from my knitting, as I am sporting a few over-use injuries, and I can hear my {new} sewing machine beckoning rather loudly, so expect to see some new projects of the sewing persuasion very soon.

* Raveled here, and another photograph here.