Wednesday, 14 April 2010

ten months + a bit


You passed your 10 month milestone while we were away, and it really did slip by quite un-noticed; but as I've forgotten so much about your brother and sister at this age, I really must record what your are up to now. All too soon, we will all be older and this too will be only a memory.

Lets start with your teeth, of which I have now become quite used to {all six of them!} You cut your seventh tooth while we were away, changing you from a waking-once-at-night to a waking- very-often and then co-sleeping-with-me baby, it all became clear one day later in the week when I spotted your brand new tooth. Now the wait begins for the matching one...

chasing your big brotherinvestigating the light boxstanding

You've begun to stand, a straightening of your legs into a sort of climbing A-frame, quickly became a primal urge to just-get-up. You were pulling yourself up on anything and everything that you could, and now you are able to hold my hands and stand yourself up, climb up to have a sticky at what your older siblings are up to {just out of your reach} and soon, I think, you will be starting to step those little legs of yours about the place {although I could be wrong, I also thought that you would be crawling before now, but you are just not interested, commando-ing and standing are all you are interested in}.


You are fascinated by so many of the things that you encounter, and of course everything, and I do mean everything, goes straight into your mouth. Unlike your siblings before you, it is much harder these days to keep all the choking hazards away from you, and many times each day you find a little something to chew on {or choke on} that you shouldn't have. Bits of foil from the recent easter eggs have been most common, but there's food wrappers, bits of leaves, little toy blocks, a magnet from the fridge, and the occasional millepede. I for one, will be very glad when you do finally start toddling around, even if only to keep you from being the resident 'street-sweeper'.

pancakes each morning

As usual, you are dragging me along in the 'food department'; you are happy feeding yourself all manner of solid things - although I do think that pancakes for breakfast each morning of our holiday was definitely a highlight. Now that we are back you are enjoying your usual bellami mush from breaky {followed by a long sleep when our schedule allows} but you are more than happy to eat the chunky stews and casserole that your Daddy makes you, or chomp on a vegemite or cheese sandwich if we are trying to feed everyone at once. I always seem to find this stage so difficult and don't feel that I offer you anywhere near enough foods, oh well, there are always areas that we can improve on, right?

You are a joy and a shining light in our home, Happy Ten Months my baby!