Wednesday, 28 April 2010

wedding bliss

weddings are fun!

I had the great pleasure of witnessing a dear friend of mine getting married on Saturday, it was a wedding that I have known about for a long time, and have looked forward to from the moment that I met the girl in question {if it's not obvious, my friend was the groom}. Not only have I been anticipating the marriage of these two people, but I have been so excited about having a night off. A night staying at a hotel in the city. A night of no kids, and some adult company. A night to dress up. and a night to p.a.r.t.y.

A significant part of last week was taken up with preparations for the grand event; instead of spending 'knitting night' knitting, I spent it trying on a barrage of dresses from my sister and nic ~ thank-goodness that they had so many to choose from because I was delighted with the one that I wore {so much so that I will be propositioning it's owner on any chance of either buying the dress from her, or getting some tips on how to copy said dress}.

Of course once I had the dress under control, my next mission was shoes... and I knew what I wanted. Stilettos of course! I've had the pleasure of watching various mothers, drop various children off at kinder, at various times wearing the most stunning of stilettos, and although I find the notion of kid wrangling in stilettos slightly, well impossible really, I was still gobsmacked by how gorgeous some of the stilettos have been. After much internet trawling I knew exactly the pair that I wanted.

Anyway, the wedding itself was excellent and extremely funny. The celebrant spun a wonderful tale about how the couple met and the state of play in their relationship now. The bride was resplendent in a two-part gown, and obviously both amused and in love with her, now husband. My friend was exactly as I imagined, relaxed {so much so that he wore his birkenstocks with his wedding suit} and so totally in love with his bride. The after party was excellent with good company, much drinking and catching up with old {and current} friends.

All in all an excellent night! and one that I will remember fondly for all time. Now, back to reality...