Monday, 12 April 2010

we're back...

heading home

I find myself breaking our holiday into very distinct parts; there was the first week where the weather was mild, the 'waking up time' reasonable, and the knitting time plentiful.

knitting on the beach preventing knots

heading out

pancakes each morning beach play

Then there was the mid-point which included and easter egg hunt, hot crossed buns and a hot cup of tea, lots of chocolate {too much for one of my little ones}, and the end of daylight savings.

"there's one!" the hunt

finding found

easter eggs

Then there was the second week where we the wind howled cold and fast, wake-time was pre-dawn {well actually it was more like the middle of the night}, knitting time disappeared, and it all got too hard. By Tuesday night I'd had enough and decided to come home early.

starting to stand morning hot chocolate

rainy day


We had a great time, and it was nice to be away from all of the deadlines and pressures of the school term, but we're ready to start in again now... back to routines and play-dates, and a lot less chocolate!