Wednesday, 5 May 2010

All About Daisy...

All About Daisy...

It's that time of year again when the three-year-old in the family needs their special page put together for kinder; we did this last year for Angus and although at the time it was a bit of a palaver, I really did enjoy getting the 'kinder book' for a weekend, and looking through the pages that the other children had put together.

as the adventurer

It is also a really nice way to remind oneself to stop and really appreciate the finer qualities in their child, something that is easy to forget when wrangling with a three-year-old! I had such a nice time sorting through the photos of Daisy from the past few months, and remembering the fun that we've had in that time. I also found myself looking through her baby photos {for another kinder project, which turned out as a case of mistaken identity; when I got to kinder this morning I discovered that I actually needed a baby photo for Angus, not Daisy} and remembering what a beautiful baby she was, and how she has become the little girl that she is today.

as the student

Now other than my blog, I'm not really one for keeping mementos of my children's childhoods, I do keep a tub full of artwork, and a little box with things from when they were born, and of course approximately three-gazillion digital photo files on my hard-drive; so doing this page is the perfect excuse to actually get some photos printed, something that I just never do, and write a little comment about each photo.

as the gardener

and then at the end of the year, once the book has done all of it's rounds, our Daisy page will find it's way back to us. I remember getting Angus' back last year, and putting it lovingly away, ready to pull out and look at when they are much bigger...