Friday, 21 May 2010

the week that was!


a tidbit :: there has been a lot, and I do mean a LOT, or drawing and colouring going on around here. this morning Angus came up to see me while I was putting away laundry. After he told me about his 'monster' he places the picture over his face and growls saying "run away, run away". "Sorry kiddo" I tell him, "I'm not scared of monsters". He takes the picture down and says "No, you shit monsters into the water", "Sorry?", "No mummy, you shit the monsters into the water!"... I can't help myself, "do you mean shit? or shift?" him, looking sheepish, "um, shift"...

Thanks Kel! ... for 'rainbows' first birthday

a gift :: lots of time has been spent thinking about and planning for Mia Rainbow's first birthday, a rainbow party of course. I saw a candle like this on Kelly's sons birthday cake and couldn't help but ask her where she got it from... lucky, lucky me, she so generously sent me one for Mia's birthday cake. Thank you so much Kel!

she cut her fringe with my embroidery scissors

a change :: her first 'self' haircut! In hindsight, she has actually done quite a nice job, we didn't even trim it afterwards, this is it. I found her sitting quietly with my embroidery scissors, lucky for her my Mum was here {because it happened later on a particularly rough day}, so she was sent quickly {and loudly} over to Nanna to relinquish my embroidery scissors. It could have been worse, but wasn't... we're quite used to the new fringe already.

hooping in the kitchen while waiting for dinner to cook

a new hobby :: a hula hoop, just my size, and made by me. I love it! and spend much time standing in the middle of the kitchen practicing while I'm waiting for dinner to cook.

from viewpoint

the view

a discovery :: I 'found' this little place while out and about {on my own} last weekend. A good cup of tea, a book, and a stunning view, all while sitting on the veranda, with the supplied crochet granny blanket wrapped over my knee. I'll be running away to here as required!

good things in my garden

why you shouldn't transplant carrot seedlings
beetroot, carrot and apple juice

a good thing :: my garden that is, it's incredibly soothing for me, and right now I really do need that. I have many things that are going on with me right now, and none that I feel comfortable writing about. Let's just say that I'm a little raw right now... so for me my garden is so wonderful, happy little bugs {and icky ones that are just right for squishing}, some produce that while quite edible, has provided some important lessons, and a concoction, juices right from the garden to help with my current lergy.

and that my friends is the week that was {well a smidge of it anyway}