Tuesday, 1 June 2010



i ♥ the butterfly enclosure vivid

A few weeks ago I had an epiphany. Angus and Daisy were at childcare, Mia was probably asleep, and I was pottering around at home, sporting a nasty cough and cold. I was tidying up messes {theirs and mine}, cleaning a little, checking a blog here and there, and generally feeling sorry for myself, when I got to thinking...

At the end of last year I was so tired and fed up with the endlessness of our days, with constantly feeling like I was the primary parent, with spending every day {including all weekend} in the company of my offspring. They were sick of me, and I was sick of them, well actually I was sick of everything. I wanted some light at the end of my tunnel {or at least a few windows along the way}. So after much thought, and much discussion, we decided that after the Summer holidays they would all start in childcare one day each week. One day for me to look forward to. One day for me to do something nice for myself. One day for me to go shopping on my own, or catch up with friends {and be able to complete a sentence}. One day... well you get the idea.

Reality proved to be a little different though. Mia went to the first two sessions of childcare, but because she hadn't started until she was eight months old, the seperation anxiety was awful, both hers and mine. So after two sessions I pulled her out. It was the best decision for us, but it curtailed my ability to go potter around the shops, or get an hours massage, or be out in the world; because as soon as I dropped A & D at childcare, I would come straight home so that Mia could have her morning sleep.

Now I don't know about everyone else, but for me, if I need to get things done, then they need to be done in the morning. First up. By coming home and getting settled, then that was it for me, I stayed in and pottered around. In the beginning a few of my friends came to me, and sometimes I sewed, but mostly I just pottered.... and after a few months of this, and the added financial burden of paying for childcare {which meant that I then didn't want to go out shopping or do anything else that was going to cost more money when we were already struggling to pay for the one days care}.


Tuesdays in childcare were originally implemented so that I could either :: rest :: relax :: feel rejuvinated :: and otherwise be recharged to be a better, more energised, more present parent when I was with the children. Well eventually I realised that this was not the case... so it was a few weeks ago that it dawned on me that Tuesdays were not meeting my expectations.

he's hiding

The question was, what would?... well I do know that an ongoing theme in our home this year has been 'levity'. When I start to feel like the constantness of the laundry, the cooking, the meal preperation, the tidying, the cleaning, the kinder runs, etc, is all a 'grind' then I can either, enlist help to 'grind' along with me {and let me clarify Cam willing does do this} but all this meant was that we were all miserably 'grinding' along together... or I could do the opposite and get some 'levity' to 'lift' me up from the daily grind.

she stuck her head straight in...

Levity has come in many guises, from simply making myself a rainbow hula-hoop and hooping in the kitchen while I wait for the water to boil, to prioritising 'date night' with my husband and getting out to watch a movie once in a while, to saying "*&^# it!" to the budget and buying myself some gorgeous stilletoes, and some nice makeup {although I will say that mostly I find retail therapy to be a short-lived fix that leaves me feeling depleted in some way}, to remembering to stop and play with the kids, or read them a story, even though my chores are not yet done, because truly are they ever really done with a home full of pre-schoolers?. Levity is what has helped lift me from the 'grind'.

do not touch

So of course when I realised that Tuesdays weren't working, I thought of 'Levity' and it came to me... we should choose something fun to do on a Tuesday, there must be plenty of things to do in this great Melbourne-town of ours. So I decided that for that one day of the week that we can be all together, with no one heading off to kinder, we would all do something special, something positive, something that will give something back into our emotional bank accounts. Surely we could choose something to do on a Tuesday... and so Tuesdays have become "Choose-days"

hello gorilla

It took a fortnight to wind-up childcare {although I have left them enrolled on a casual basis, because sometimes I will need to pop them in there so that I can get some things done, or have a 'Mummy' day} and then for our first Choose-day we enlisted the help of Nanna-Jan, and headed off to the Melbourne Zoo... and just as expected, it was excellent, we all had fun and for the littles it felt like such a grand adventure, not to mention that we got to see the baby tiger cubs, and the baby elephant... oh, and an orangutan hiding under a sheet, and some cheeky monkeys fighting over their food, and, and, and... now this is more what I was looking for!

cheeky monkeys


baby elephant

So stay tuned around here for more Choose-day action, and please if you have any suggestions on activities to do around Melbourne would you mind leaving a comment on this post ~ together we could come up with a great local resource {and maybe catch-up along the way!}

Jo x