Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Collingwood Children's Farm

they're off

I still have a bit to learn about being flexible. It's so easy to fall into the trap of fixed thinking, even in the early stages of implementing an idea. "We are going to have 'choose-days' and we are going to have fun", and "we will look forward to them". It's all good stuff in theory...

On Monday Angus came home from kinder and he was fine, he played happily for a few hours, then he fell sound asleep on the couch {which is not normal for him}. When he woke up he was scalding hot to touch and was running a temperature of 39.5°c, he was feeling cold and shivery, and told me that he hurt, although nothing specific so I think that it was just fever aches. We gave him some panadol and put him to bed early. My 'choose-day' was starting to look a little shaky, maybe a pretty picnic in the yard with all those left over helium balloons?!?

feeding the goats

When he awoke on Tuesday morning he was back to normal, no fever, no aches, just a grumpy little boy who had gone to bed on a empty stomach the night before, who was now ravenous {and did I mention grumpy?}


I gave him something to eat, which I eventually enticed him to consume {and amazingly enough his tummy ache went away!} and reasoned with myself that a trip to the farm couldn't possibly do any harm. If we all rugged up against that chilly winter air, then a walk in the fresh air might do us all some good. Not to mention that I had another reason for going and wanted to pre-purchase our tickets.

yucky hands

We made our way there ok, although I did think that we were about to turn around in the car-park and go straight home, but both Angus and I came good and we made our way down to the farm. We got our tickets and headed straight to the guinea pig enclosure, which seems to be one of Daisy's favourite places. She sets herself up with one guinea pig and cuddles and cuddles and cuddles. There is no sharing, and not much stroking, just cuddles. Every time I see her in there I am tempted to get her one of her own, but only for a moment!


Soon after, we met up with Julia and made our way slowly around the farm. There were goats to be seen and fed, lots of goats. Luckily our children were happy with goats, because all of the horses were otherwise pre-disposed, and the sheep were few and far between, but there seemed to be lots of goats!

and a little pony who was happy to be fed, and I was able to provide a little boy who was more than happy to feed her.

feeding the pony

Next week I am planning on visiting here, but of course I will try to be a bit more flexible in my thinking on this one, and we'll just see what happens...

A few more photos here if you are interested.