Tuesday, 15 June 2010



where we came from...

We made our way across the bridge today {a highlight} to visit the wonderful world of scienceworks.


I haven't been there since I was a kid, but I've heard many good things, and the details on the website looked promising, and, well, it was pretty much as far as the budget would stretch this week anyway... as soon as I paid for my ticket I headed straight for the Itty Bitty City, not really knowing what to expect, but as soon as Angus and Daisy spotted the 'digger-dozer' I knew we were on to a good thing.

digger dozer

After the dozer they moved along to the ship, both loading the cargo into it and driving the thing... if we hadn't, eventually, moved them along, I think that they would have played here all day.

the ship


However, the peeks at the general admission section below were too tantalising for Angus, and eventually we made our way down-stairs.


The down-stairs stuff was fun, but it was very busy and noisy, and mostly my kids just zipped from one display to another, poking and interrupting... they had a ball, but I think that they will get a lot more out of it in another year or two.

As they went off to sleep this evening Angus yelled out "Mum?"... "I had fun today at Scienceworks, can we go again tomorrow?"

An excellent outing, I highly recommend this one, it was fun!

Next week?... they are booked in to childcare, I need a break...