Monday, 21 June 2010

I have a dilemma...

My little boy turns 5 next month and all except for his first birthday we have celebrated with family only. My argument has been that we will tackle 'kids parties' when he is old enough to ask for one.

Well this year he has asked. He knows that his birthday is coming up, and he is expecting a party {probably because Mia's 1st birthday is so fresh in his mind} and he has told me who he wants to come... he has named some family members and some of my friends, and T*, L, H and S... who are four boys in his kinder class.

Now my dilemma is this; I am happy to throw a party for him, and given enough time I will probably be able to find a theme and a venue {home or otherwise}, but... I don't know what the protocol for inviting kinder friends is.

The problem is that even though I see the other mothers at kinder in passing, I haven't actually formed any friendships with other kinder families, so I feel a little awkward about just inviting the kids that Angus named, also given another five minutes he would probably name more kids. Another thing, at least one of those kids hangs with a fairly entrenched group where the Mum's are long standing friends {at least it seems that they are} and if I invite that kid and not the others, where does that leave us? ... will that kid decline because his mates aren't invited? or will Angus be ostracised because he didn't invite all of them?

Also, protocol seems to be that you are not supposed to invite just a handful of kids, lest the others feel excluded. So do I then invite the whole kinder class of 24 kids, parents and siblings which will result in a few things: 1. finding a venue to host approx 50-75 people which is going to be expensive {which we can't afford}, and wasn't really the feel that I want to go for, and 2. invite everyone and find an appropriate venue, and then find that most people don't come because they figure that everyone got invited so there is really no obligation for them to turn up because they are not really that special {umm, I'm guilty of this one when an invite goes out for all the kids}...

Or, do I invite just the kids that Angus has named and risk him being ostracised for not inviting every one... or invite no one except family again so that we don't upset anyone {except for the birthday boy who has specifically asked for these people}.

What would you do?... If you have found yourself in this situation, and have successfully negotiated the murky waters of kinder / school politics, any suggestions would be appreciated.

At this stage I am thinking of inviting everyone in his class and then having the party on a weekend day, at a park somewhere with a sheltered picnic area, that way numbers won't matter and weather won't be overly important either... maybe somewhere like here? {unless I can find something closer to home}. Oh my!

edit: I just had another idea! maybe I could have a party in the park behind our house, it has a sheltered area and a massive bmx track? yes, that could work?... still any suggestions are most welcome!

* names have been excluded for privacy reasons.