Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Today you turned one.... shhhhh, don't tell anyone yet. We are throwing you a spectacular rainbow themed party on the weekend, so for today your birthday is just our little secret. I've sung you your special birthday song each time I lay you down on your change table, and you have laughed with glee, just like you are in on the secret too.

I don't even know where to begin ~ it seems only yesterday that you were born, I know! so cliche. Last night I kept thinking about the evening that I went into labour with you, and I remember the feeling with such fondness, now that I know it was only a few hours until I met you, the little girl who entered all of our lives so easily and just slotted into our family like she was always meant to be here.

Since then, you've really had to fill the role of 'third child'; sleeps interrupted for kinder runs, the ability to sleep through anything {especially when your siblings decide to play some involved, noisy game outside your door while you sleep}, competing with two bigger, louder siblings, at meal time; such an easy-going constitution which comes to the fore when your sister 'plays' with you, especially when she lays you on her tummy and 'rocks' you {I shake my head when I see you laughing as I fully expect that you should be crying instead}; and of course you exhibit the beginnings of that classic 'red-head-temper' that shows itself if anyone dare take a toy from your able grasp. Third child ~ the mantle suits you well.

Now lets just have a little chat about those teeth while we are here. I've never seen anything quite like it, cross cutting is apparently what it's called, but seriously, you are popping out teeth in the most unexpected order. So far you have your four top teeth, but only three bottom teeth {which seems to lend you quite a lopsided expression when you smile}, and while I have been eagerly awaiting that fourth bottom tooth, you've gone right ahead and popped out your first molar. What is with that?

I am pleased to report that you have mastered the 'crawl' and left your commando-style-moves behind. You are faster and possibly even a little cleaner, but you still spend so much time picking up little bits from the floor and popping them straight in your mouth. Thank goodness you've also learnt what to do when I say "show me!?!" {I remember your sister knowing just what to do at the same age too}... you spend much time standing, and trawling, and you've even stood unassisted a couple of times, but so far you like to hold on to something. The confidence will come soon I'm sure, and then you'll be off, and I will never know where you are ~ already you disappear to find your own entertainments, and I rush from room to room trying to figure out where you've got to.

I think that's all for now, so let's enjoy our little secret birthday just a little longer, and look forward to celebrating in style in a few days. I love you little Mia, you light up my days.