Monday, 7 June 2010

Rainbow's Party

The party was excellent, the birthday girl wore her very own rainbow party dress {made on that knitting weekend}, and enjoyed lots of cuddles and excitement.

loveone!me and my baby

There were Rainbows abound, because clearly all I need is a theme to send me over-the-top.

guess the lollies

Rainbow, guess the number of lollies game and rainbow jellies {quite time consuming to make, but so, so worth it!}

rainbow parcel

Rainbow pass-the-parcel, choc full of treats, and a Rainbow flashing led light as the main prize.


Rainbow pinata, made by yours truly. {again quite time consuming, but very easy and very effective}.

lots of balloons

100 rainbow helium balloons, definitely worth the money! From the moment that the kids walked into the party these were a constant source of entertainment. They made big bunches and ran around, the older boys had some complicated balloon tossing game going on, they let a few go outside, and a few of the adults even took some home for their ever-popular voice altering properties.

outside bunting

Then there was bunting. Lots of bunting. Again made on the knitting weekend, and strewn all around the house and all over the yard {in fact it's still up, and may yet become a permanent fixture}.


and then there was the cake, a plain looking cake adorned with a rainbow all of it's own {and thank-you again to Kelly for the beautiful hand-dipped rainbow candle!}

the first slice

plain, that is, until it was cut open to reveal the beautiful rainbow inside. Six layers of different colour vanilla-vanilla cake, even I was impressed and I made the thing. Most impressive of course was that it didn't just look nice, it even tasted nice.

eating cake & rainbow jelly

Then of course there were all of the presents that our lucky girl recieved...

unwrapping her presents

a little trike of her own, clothes, sleep-suits, soft toys, a charming tea-set, and a crystal that throws of rainbow light for her bedroom window, just to name a few. She was such a lucky baby, but the hit of the party?...


The Billion Bubbles Bubble Machine!

the aftermath

and of course no party is complete without food, and we certainly did not want for more. A special thank-you to all of the people who helped to put on such a fine spread by bringing a special plate {or plates} of their own.

We had a fabulous time! Thank-you to everyone who has helped to make our babies first year an absolute joy, and thank-you for celebrating with us.

* more photos here if you are so inclined.