Tuesday, 22 June 2010


arm sized handle

This week I decided that Angus & Daisy could do a day in child-care instead of a 'choose-day' as I needed some space to get a few things done. When I finally told them that they were going to childcare, they were besides themselves... with joy!

This is a direct contrast to how we finished childcare a few weeks ago, but I think that they have missed going, and they have missed their carers and friends there, so it was nice to see them. It also reminded me about the importance of balance ~ again. So I think that going forward we will do 2 or 3 'choose-days' depending on my energy, then a child-care day... hopefully the best of both worlds.

knitting bags

While they were gone, I got busy and knocked up a couple of these, fully lined, zip-up bags. I spotted them last week in Nay's ravelry favourites, and agreed that they would be just perfect for toting around my current {small} knitting project.


They were a cinch to knock up, and unlike many of the other tutorials around, this one does not have the inside seams exposed, perfect for a neat-freak such as myself.

current project paraphernalia

So tonight I filled it with my current knitting paraphernalia and happily stepped out to meet up with the girls.