Monday, 28 June 2010

where we are at

We've had a relatively quiet few days around here, with the duo sick with an intestinal bug and then Mia having a nasty reaction to her twelve month imms {a week later!} there have been many days that we have just stayed in.

learning how to play

After reading this post by Mommy Coddle a few weeks back, I have been inspired to invest in some 'age appropriate' games. I bought our first one while out and about on Friday night, and am very impressed by how quickly Angus has grasped the fundamentals. As he is not reading yet, we wait until he has narrowed it down to one person, then he tells us and we show him which person we selected. He doesn't really have the gist of winning & losing yet, for the moment it's just about guessing the other persons selection. I have another package awaiting pick-up at the post office with a few more games too.

straight {direct sown} carrots

nearly ready

I managed to steal some time out in the garden, and was pleased to pull two 'straight' carrots out of the few that were 'direct sown' ~ just goes to show that it is possible. I also discovered that my other broccoli is just about ready, one is slightly bigger, so that will do us for this week, then hopefully the smaller one will be ready for next week. Then it's just a waiting game to see if they produce any more heads, I've never done this before so am only basing this on the reading that I've done.

the lettuces bolted

It was also nice to get my hands a little dirty, my lettuces have all bolted, so I ripped them out for the compost. It's nice to start seeing some gaps in the garden, soon it will be time to start planning for my spring planting ~ and that I am very excited about.

it worked perfectly!! woo hoo!

and last but certainly not least, I finally got around to making my very own lemon meringue pie. I had a conversation with a friend last week about our love of the humble pie, and then a few days later saw a fellow-bloggers post about her attempt at one; so I just had to spend some time to satisfy my own taste-buds.

my slice

Thankfully mine worked beautifully, so I was able to enjoy a slice for afternoon tea on Saturday. On Sunday we shared the rest of the pie with family and friends ~ who hopefully appreciated my efforts as well.