Monday, 26 July 2010


birthday morning ~ early...

discovering his presents

new 'game' to play

discovering legohe is so ready for this...

todays lego constructions

birthday cake

blowing out the candleshe wanted to cut it up himself

We had such a nice day today, a birthday in the house, a little boy turning 5. He started his morning with a pile of presents, and opened one... then a while later another.... and finally the last. As Dad left for work he was engrossed {with Mum at his side} building his first ever lego kit ~ a limousine. He enjoyed a morning at kinder with his friends, and handed out chupa-chups at the end. Came home and ate a good lunch before sitting down to another session of lego building, this time a helicopter... later in the day we made cake, which was finished just in time to serve up {with a song of course} after dinner.

He went to bed a very happy 5 year old.

Happy Birthday Angus, thank-you for such a lovely day.