Monday, 2 August 2010

Angus' 5th Party

In the midst of an exhausting month, I realised that I really did not have the energy to even contemplate hosting a party for 25 children and their families... and thank-you to all of your thoughtful comments, I was confident that sticking to inviting just a few of Angus' friends was the right thing to do.

party room

We chose to have a two hour kids party at home, the loose plan was that the kids would arrive, have a little free play then settle down at the table to make their own pizza. We would then cook the pizza and dish each child back their pizza to eat. A couple of party games and the cake and presents would follow, then each child would come back to the table to decorate their cupcake and then they would head home, leaving us to spend some quieter time socialising with family.

So how did it actually go?

crazy balloon antics

Well we invited five boys from A's kinder class, and most of them arrived on time. A couple were dropped off, but the majority brought their Mum's with them {which was nice, but also a little nerve-racking as this is the first time that any of these people had been to my house} the boys got busy right away playing some loud, silly, crazy game which involved spinning all of the helium balloons into a tangle, then lurching {or such like} at each other, there was plenty of giggling and screaching, and it didn't take me long to prioritise getting them to sit down at the table and make pizza.

rolling dough

This part was definitely a success, the boys calmed right down and got to it... rolling out their own pizza, spreading on the tomato base and choosing their own toppings.

making pizza

Each setting had a pizza tray, covered with a square of baking paper with each child's name written on it, so it was the easiest thing to pop the pizza's in the oven when they were done.

A's pizza

While the pizza's were cooking we had a quick game of pass-the-parcel, then it was back to the table to eat.

my most underwhelming cake to date :D

Once the boys were done, I decided to move straight to the presents part {sort of thinking that the presents would keep the boys entertained without having to resort to balloon sillies again} so we quickly did the cake {my most underwhelming to date!) and the song and then Angus, closely surrounded by five of his mates {and by close, I mean they were all nearly sitting on top of each other, it was so, so sweet} started to unwrap his gifts.

the presents

the BIG present

He opened the first one, and was so impressed with it, that all other unwrapping was soon forgotten as he was intent on enjoying his gift... it took a fair amount of coercion for him to put the first one down to open then second... and lo-and-behold, it was another excellent gift, and he was soon intent on enjoying this one.

It wasn't until we got Daisy to start opening his presents, that he decided to open the rest. I don't know if it was because his birthday coincided with the major toy sales of the year, or if he is just extremely lucky, but he got lots {and I do mean lots} of very cool presents.

decorate your own cupcake

We then went on with another game {with me starting to reach frazzled point} musical dots this time, sort of like musical chairs but with circles instead of chairs?!? and can I just say... mistake. Five year olds {and particularly mine} didn't cope will with the disappointment of being 'out' they much prefer games where everyone is a winner... so next time, we'll skip this in favour of a pinata {or something}... then we quickly moved onto decorating your own cupcake.

his cake

After which, the kinder kids headed home, and we were able to relax and enjoy some time with family and Angus was able to sit down and enjoy some of the present that he received.

afterwards :: some quiet time enjoying his presents