Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Art Show

The Art Show

I love how prolific kids of pre-school age seem to be at producing various forms of art. It is standard fare in our house to have paper and pencils strewn all about, they might start drawing at the table, but more often than not, the activity seems to morph into something else ~ stuffing pictures into a 'rocket ship' and delivering them like the mailman; or using a drawing as a face mask and 'becoming' something else; or even creating an art show across the dining room and lounge room walls.


The art show has been an easy extension of re-creating real life into play. We are blessed that our kids attend a fantastic kinder, where the staff seem to go above-and-beyond what I would expect from a government funded educational facility. Every year they squirrel away the children's art, and organise different are projects for the kids, then mid-year they mount the artwork and set up an exhibition at the kinder to raise funds.




It's set up really nicely, and for the kids {and for us too} it really feels like to are visiting a 'proper' art gallery; each kid has a number of pieces on display, and the teachers give them a handful of stickers so that they can go and place a sticker on each of their pieces to indicate that it has been 'sold'. The kids love this part, and it's a really good way to engage them in the show.

placing a bid

This year we were wandering around having a look, when I came across this gem by Angus:


Even with all of the creations that I've seen him make this year, I've never seen anything as cute as this one... I can see a book being written around the adventures of this dude, and maybe some matching merchandising?!?