Friday, 20 August 2010



A few weeks ago I discovered a skirt in the dress up box, it wasn't one of ours, and upon investigation Daisy assured me that the skirt belonged to her cousin. They must have been playing dress ups and it got left behind. I don't know.

What I do know is that the skirt was very cute. It was made out of denim, but wasn't the short version that I am used to, no this skirt was a very civilised length, and had the cutest ruffle about the bottom.

I tucked it away with every intention of returning the skirt to its rightful owner next time our paths cross... but in the meantime, I figured that I could take a quick copy for Daisy, no harm done, right?

the catalyst


So after being generously given some stretch denim earlier this week, I sat down last night and took a quick pattern from the skirt. A waistband, four panels, some elastic, and the ruffle. It came together much more easily than I had envisaged, and turned out perfectly.

The only glitch was when I tried it on Daisy this morning, I pulled it up... and down it went, straight to the floor! So this afternoon I ran both side seams through the overlocker to take it in some and now it fits just fine. She wasn't that keen to wear it at home, it encumbered her ability to jump fences, climb trees, and scale the embankment; but, I do think that it will be just fine for wearing out and about in the 'civilised world' ~ places like kinder perhaps?