Tuesday, 17 August 2010

the long story


Being a parent is a funny thing, just when you think that you've got the hang of it something goes ahead and changed and you realise that it's time to step outside your comfort zone yet again. Time to step up. Time to change.

Last week I went to pick Angus up from kinder, it was Thursday, and thursday pick ups are notoriously noisy because they occur after all of the older siblings have already been picked up from school. The foyer is busy, there are kids and parents everywhere, and did I mention that it's noisy?!?

When Angus came out he was trying to tell me something, and I couldn't hear him. I told him that I couldn't hear, and so he repeated himself. Again, I couldn't hear, so I told him to come outside with me and he could tell me there. Once we were outside the door he said, "Mummy you have to wait, Beth* is coming to our house to play".

Now we've been through this before when Angus invited Beth to his birthday party, we didn't actually invite her because I didn't realise that she was one of his friends, but he went ahead and invited her at kinder. Needless to say, she didn't come to the party, but I did make the effort to speak to her Mum the following week to make sure that there was no hard feelings or the like.

While I would love to have said yes to Angus' insistence that Beth was coming to our house for a play, the reality is that we live too far from kinder {ie: we are unable to walk}, we had not organised in advance for little Beth to come visit {and I was sporting a head-cold anyways} and the reality is that our car is not big enough to take any more little bums. I have three kids, all in various car-seat set-ups, already wedged into the back of our car. We are packed to the rafters.

Seeing the disappointment in Angus face though was just too much, so I got over myself and turned around and went back inside to find Beth's Mum. She too was trying to understand what her daughter was trying to say, and when she stood up I told her that Angus and Beth had organised a play date, unfortunately I wasn't in a position to make that happen today, but we would love to organise something for next week if possible. Apparently, Beth was also trying to tell her that she was coming to Angus' place for a play, so we set a date and smoothed over the jilted kids ruffled feathers.

hanging around

Then I started thinking, well probably more aptly put would be, then I had a conniption. We need a bigger car. It's not a new discussion in our house, and it's always me that instigates the topic, but up until now it's been more along the lines of, "we are going to need a bigger car", and we've thrown together some time-lines; all of which have been fairly far reaching, and vague.

Well the time was now, or at least before the end of the year, because the reality is that we have three children, and those three children are going to have friends, and they are going to want to hang with their friends; or we are going to want to offer lifts, or swap lifts, or... well you get the idea. No matter which way I spun it, we needed more seats, and more seats means a new car, and a new car means spending money.

I broached the subject with Cam that night {he might say that I bombarded him with unrealistic demands?!?} and mounted my case; after much discussion we both went away the next day and started to look at options. Car types, finance, how much we wanted to spend, and what we wanted {worst case and best case} to buy. We spent Friday night cozied up on the couch looking at car adds, and I came across the perfect automobile**.

We agreed that Cam should go and have a look at it on Saturday, I wouldn't go because an emotional wife and three revved up kids certainly takes away any bargaining advantage that he might've had. We did our sums {including me waking up at 2am in the morning, just to plug some more figures into the computer} and decided on a price and off he went.

He rang me some time later to say that he had bargained them down to less that the price we discussed, and did I want to go ahead a buy it. Well yes sir, yes indeedee!!

So I have test driven, fallen in love, paid my deposit, and am now awaiting the arrival of my new wheels ~ eight seats of luxury driving pleasure***.

* name has been changed to protect privacy

** remembering, of course, that we have been having a similar discussion for the last nine months, so I already knew basically what I wanted.

*** now I just need to learn how to reverse into empty space so that my fancy new wheels don't end up looking like my current 'clapped out' wheels. Wish me luck!