Monday, 23 August 2010

weekend :: in short

daytime snoozing

spent the weekend observing a feverish little girl, and finished off with a feverish little boy in my bed.

had my say and cast my vote.

enjoyed some fresh air and family time while we dug sheep manure and straw into garden bed 3.

realised that i've put on seven kilos since my brother got sick.

played a game of trouble with my five year old.

enjoyed a sociable meal with my husband, parents and sister.

walked 20 minutes to the polling booth, on my own {and realised just how unfit i've become}

found myself quite bemused that my children kept tucking themselves off to bed during the day.

halving the compost bin...

got inspired by a vid that my sister showed me, cut my compost bin in half and made it into two.

happy, wriggly, compost

was very impressed by how many worms are happily working my compost over.

enjoyed a cuppa and a chat with my father-in-law.

hoping to enjoy some more of this 'spring-time' sunshine this week.

looking forward to seeing the results {fall out?} of the election.