Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ten things

1. We are no longer the house of sick... and haven't been for nearly two weeks; everyone made a full recovery, including Mia, whom we discovered is actually lactose intolerant and now that we have modified her diet, she has stopped coughing and no longer has a runny nose. Hooray to that!

freshly mowed grass...

2. Finally some sunny days, yesterday I got outside while Mia was sleeping and Daisy was at kinder, and mowed the front and back lawn. It was hard yakka and my hands are still sore, but I hope that now the worst is done my wonderful, hard-working, husband will stay on top of them from now.

got my new wheels ~ whee!

3. I got my new wheels last Saturday and have enjoyed every second that I have spent in the car this week. It's big, it's black, and it's hot! Angus is sitting up the back in his booster, buckling himself in just fine. I realised once we set up the car seats in the new car, that there was no way that we could have put him in a booster in the old one even if we wanted too.


4. A couple of weekends back I escaped for craft camp with a group of talented and funny ladies. I had a blast, ate excellent food, listened, laughed, and recharged. I came back feeling a million bucks and the feeling has lasted. Sometimes I just need to get away.

5. I seem to have lost my crafting mojo, I made a gazillion crochet circles on craft camp, and since then I've made a few more in a bid to finish the blanket {before Mia grows out of her cot} but other than that, nada, zilch, nothing.

Daisy's daisies

the BIG strawberry pot

6. My crafting mojo seems to have morphed into gardening mojo ~ I've turned over the mulch & manure in bed 3 :: worked on my compost some more :: convinced the broadbeans to stick to their own plot {with the help of some secateurs} :: installed a very large pot for more strawberry plants :: planted some daisies in Daisy's garden :: and harvested and enjoyed lots of carrots.

7. I've been to the local hardware store and purchased 10 litres of paint, in the hope that is the kick that I need to get started on painting some rooms of the house. I've been back to the hardware store to purchase more sugar soap so that I can clean the walls first, and ultimately found myself back in the gardening section again!

15 months & cheeky

8. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Mia turn 15 months. She is bolting around everywhere, running away from me when she thinks that she's been 'naughty' and then giggling until she falls down. She is using her 'words' a lot more; and did I mention that she is cheeky?...

haircut for two

9. On Monday, Nanna-Jan and I took Angus and Daisy to get haircuts. Daisy was easy, she was as keen as, and sat quietly in the chair while her knotty {dready} locks were shortened into a cute little bob; Angus assured me that he would sit still and have his cut {considering that up until now we've had a massive tantrum and theatrics every time he has to get his cut} and I am proud to say that he delivered ~ he focused his nervous energy into looking at the picture that he had drawn, and I held my hand over his forehead so that the hair wouldn't fall on his face, but he was excellent. We now have the first straight haircut in a loooong time!

10. I'm trying to get in some consistent exercise, something that I find difficult with so many kids around all the time, and found this post motivating. I've been doing my half-hour-treadmill-walk most days now and am very impressed with the change that it is making to my mental outlook. Will be trying to make this a habit.