Saturday, 16 October 2010

October 16 :: keeping cozy

enjoying a cozy morning

Is there anything better than a bleak rainy day?... not always of course, but sometimes, when you have the time to cozy up and enjoy being cooped up inside, it's the best.

Our kids were happy playing on their own this morning {while the littlest had a sleep in} and we also got to lie in, listening to the rain pounding down outside. Once I did finally get out of bed, we had the heater on, and I found myself happily sewing, in my pajamas until lunch-time.

Cam took the kids out for a few hours while Mia had her daytime nap, and I finally managed to shower and dress ~ then put together some pizza for them to come home too.

An afternoon of more sewing for me, and a roast cooked by Cam for dinner wrapped up a gorgeous day.