Monday, 25 October 2010

October 25 :: Birthday goodness

happy birthday to me!...

It was my birthday [again!] on Friday, and I had my pick of what I wanted to do and what I wanted [thank-you to some very generously* stuffed birthday cards]... I chose to go on a date with my love, shopping at Chadstone followed by dinner at Fedeles.

I've had my heart set on a new handbag for a while now, something big enough to carry about all my kid associated paraphernalia, but nice enough not to look like a nappy bag. I saw something lovely in Tilkah a few weeks ago, and the leather was so soft [perfect for slinging across to the passenger seat of my car], but alas when we arrived at Tilkah on Friday night it was sold out...

I rallied and it didn't take me long to find this beauty above and make it mine [I think Cam was quite shocked at the speed that it took me to make a decision and hand over a hefty sum of cash ~ now he knows how it disappears so quickly! oops.] We hit a few more shops in the search of the 'perfect' denim jacket to wear with my floaty summer dresses, and when we were done we headed back to the car to move on to the dinner part of the date.

I couldn't resist doing a 'bag change' there and then, so while sitting in the front seat I transferred all the stuff into my new bag... and due to the sheer size of it, I soon realised that my future was about to hold lots of 'rummaging through my new bag trying to find that little whatsit!'

money bagscosmetics

my bag of tricks

We did make it to our dinner date, and enjoyed a lovely couple of courses, and some uninterrupted talk time [man, how good is that!] then we headed home for a 'not too late' night.

Cam was out and about all day Saturday, and Daisy went out shopping with Nanna-Jan for the day, so while the house was a little quieter I whipped up a couple of zippy-pouches to hold the little whatsits in my bag ~ now there will be no rummaging around. It is sublimely organised in there, and I am happy, happy, happy.

* and I just realised that my new jeans [an early gift from my parents] also made it into this post...