Sunday, 3 October 2010

October 3 :: on a sunny sunday

After I finally roused myself from bed this morning, I found myself sitting at the kitchen table feeling very sorry for myself. You see, I suffer from the occasional cold sore, and when I say suffer, I really do mean suffer. They are such a nasty thing to get, and you can only really understand if you suffer from them yourself, and I really, truly, hope that you do not.

So I found myself sitting at the table, choosing not to have my morning cup of tea, on account of my mouth hurting, and instead feeling rather miserable. Mia was still sleeping, Cam was outside doing some work in the garden, and Angus and Daisy were out 'helping' him. The house was quiet, and the sun was shining... and even with my mouth throbbing away, it didn't take me long to decide that I could either choose to waste a glorious home day with my sulking, or I could buck-up and get on with things. After a little more consideration I chose the later.

tea on the terrace

When I did venture outside, I discovered that Cam had been busy building me a little paved terrace beneath a little tree in the garden. A place where I can sit and enjoy a cup of tea while the kids play in the yard. It's perfect, and it was just the antidote that I needed to quell my brooding.

first time in the sand-pit

With me able to sit and supervise, and the sun finally shining, Mia was able to enjoy her first play in the big sand-pit. It all went quite well, right up until she started using the shovel as an eating utensil; then we distracted her with other games before she ate too much of the sand!


Eventually we all found ourselves inside {especially with Mia sporting that hair and complexion, we have to be so sun-smart, and she will not keep her hat on; so inside we all came} and given the gorgeous weather outside, I just couldn't give in to their requests for the television... instead I pumped up the music and my 'fairies' all enjoyed a dance in the kitchen.

Mia loves music, and will laugh along if you sing to her; it looks like she is also going to love dancing. She happily bopped away copying our dance moves, and clapping along while Angus and Daisy were playing ring-a-rosey.

my little helpers

It wasn't long though until the sunshine beckoned us outside once again, with Mia tucked up for her afternoon sleep, we found ourselves in the garden again {I just can't help myself!}... The parsley and coriander, which had recently bolted, came out. The sage went in. We gave the bed a good deep drink, and then lay a fresh layer of pea-straw mulch.

A sunny sunday indeed.