Monday, 4 October 2010

October 4 :: parent of the week. already.

Sunday Paper

I read an article in the Sunday paper yesterday, it was about speaking so that your kids will listen. Nothing new around here. We've been practicing the magic words for a while now... "I am not going to tell you again." While remaining calm and consistent. It works for me, I usually implement natural consequences, ie: if I say ask you to get dressed because we are leaving for kinder in fifteen minutes, then I expect you to be dressed when I'm ready to walk out of the door in fifteen minutes. If you're not dressed, then we are leaving anyway. I calmly go about my business, and head out the door as advised. So far, and we've been using this technique for a few months, it works.

I do find that when I start giving last warnings, and count-downs, and blowing my stack, that it's because the kids know that is what to expect. So we go back to asking once and using the magic words again.

So I was quite interested to read the article yesterday as it was very similar to what we try to implement here.

Of course this morning it was all very fresh in my mind, so I was quite the purist. Daisy was carrying on about getting dressed, and took all of the fifteen minutes that I allowed for. As I left the house with Mia and kinder bags in tow, she came flying out 'passably' dressed. I gave myself a silent pat-on-the-back, if you will, about being calm and consistent. What a good parent am I....

... right up until I was driving home again, and realised that none of the kids had breakfast, and I had just sent Angus to kinder on an empty stomache.

Bad Mummy!... oh well, there's always tomorrow.