Tuesday, 5 October 2010

October 5 :: at 16 months {and a bit}

A few days ago Mia turned 16 months old, so I thought I'd make a note of where we're at, before it zooms on past and I forget all of the details of this glorious time.

The first thing that springs to mind when I think of her at this age, and something that I've not been able to capture a photo of, is the constant supplicating that she does with her hands. Whenever she wants to be picked up {which is fairly often at the moment} she walks up in front of her 'target' and, palms up, beacons by curling her fingers in and out. It doesn't matter who it is, me, her dad, grand-parents, or some random mum at the play centre, this is what she does... and more often than not it works.

Which is a good thing, because on the occasions that it doesn't you soon get to see Mia in full tantrum... {alas no photo of that to share either!} I will admit to being rather non-plussed with Mia's, very spectacular, tantrums. In fact I usually find myself standing and watching, possibly with a half-smile on my face, they are that good. She throws herself at the ground, usually backwards {be buggered if there is anything behind her} arches her back in the air, and screeches... words just don't do it justice really. Maybe I will try to capture some footage, just for prosperity of course.

into everything

So with that said, I will confess that she is mostly a very happy and easy going child. She spends her time roaming around the house getting into stuff. As is pretty normal with this age, everything {and I mean everything} goes into her mouth. Mostly it's ok, the other kids and I all keep a pretty sharp eye on her and remove any choking hazards, although last week we had two near misses in one day ~ first a shard of glass that she spat out after it cut the roof of her mouth, and then later I found her with three marbles in her mouth. Needless to say, we were all a bit frazzled that day.

chalk = yummy!

More often than not, the thing that I found most commonly in her mouth is chalk. Big hunks of coloured chalk, she finds it everywhere, and as soon as she does she starts eating it! I often find myself wondering if she has a calcium deficiency? given that she is lactose intolerant. She has substitute dairy products, so I think that she is getting enough, but this chalk habit really does make me wonder.

watch this space

Needless to say really, but she is very good on her feet now. She is trying to run, and even manages to walk backwards at times {especially when I am trying to get something out of her mouth!} She constantly has marks on her head from minor stacks, usually because she was trying to go too fast, or sometimes just because she is tired. Surprisingly enough, few of the stacks are from being pushed over, the older kids are very tolerant of her need to be in the middle of everything, and really only 'remove her' if she is getting in the way of the television. Otherwise, our usual catch-cry is "just try to find her something that she can play with/do".


She still doesn't have all that many words, but what she does have gets her point across. Oh-ooo for when she drops something :: Mum, Daddy, Day-seee, Ga, Nan, Pa for the loved ones in her life :: Ba for peek-a-boo :: grrrr for cat :: grrr and uh for no.

at the bike track

Food-wise we are still having a few issues. She will eat if she is hungry... maybe. She is not particularly fussy, but can still be very disinterested. Sandwiches go on the floor, she may only eat the cheese slice, milky bottles get batted away. She just doesn't seem to be particularly food orientated. We introduced goats milk and lactose free yogurt a while back, and that has got rid of her runny nose and chesty cough, and seemed to also improve her appetite for other things.

So that's it. Just a little snapshot of our little rainbow at 16 months.