Wednesday, 6 October 2010

October 6 :: system. what system?

I forgot another kinder activity again today... grandparents day. I still can't believe that this one slipped through the cracks!... so far this year I have turned up at kinder a number of times and overheard someone asking the kinder teacher what time they should be arriving for the thing today. My ears prick up, and I get that sick sort of feeling in my stomach... it always happens just when I think that I am on top of things, across things, organised, in control even.

Last time it happened, when I forgot that I was on kinder duty, I spent some time implementing a system. I love a good system. My system is this, notices get issued at kinder, I make sure that they go in my handbag {because that way they make it in from the car} then I put them on a clip-board, and the clip-board has to be actioned regularly... a note made in my calendar {which I attach an alarm to, that pops up a reminder on the morning of the event, because I log on to my computer every morning without fail} or a form filled out and money added ready for return... you get the idea.

Well I thought that my system was working pretty well, nothing has been slipping through the cracks. I've been very consistent... that is except for that handful of notices that came home in the last week of last term. Those notices I put in the folder and thought "I've got plenty of time, I'll do them sometime during school holidays". Needless to say, I didn't. I thought of them a few times, and put them off until another day, which of course never came.

So this morning when I overheard those dreaded words, and my tummy took a dive, and I raced back to the car and tried to line up a grandparent at very late notice, and failed... I again made a commitment to myself to stick to my system. So after I enjoyed a lovely hour at kinder, with my three kids, as Angus' special person, I came home and got stuck in to all of the chores that I procrastinate over. I did my paperwork {read and filed}, put away the laundry, did another couple of loads, went through Daisy's wardrobe and cleared out all of the clothes that were too small for her {and discovered why we can never find her anything to wear} made dinner, and after all the kids were in bed, made a yummy slice for tomorrow.

I'm feeling much better now, and hopefully those cracks have been spack filled for a while again. At least I know that I have organised a grandparent for Daisy's upcoming grandparents day, now I just need to book a babysitter for my two parent duty days...

So while I was contemplating what I was going to post about today, I've been saved by an email that arrived from Daisy's kindy teacher showing the fun that Dais had at kinder today watching one of the chickens hatching. I've never seen it actually happening, so found these pictures really interesting ::


The egg had a crack in it, so the kids all watched and waited...


Still waiting {obviously I didn't need to worry about Daisy getting a good look, she organised herself front row seats!}


Breaking out of the shell {he was still roaming around in the incubator when I picked Daisy up from kinder}

little chicks

These are his mates... he'll be joining them in here tomorrow.