Thursday, 7 October 2010

October 7 :: some writing


I took this photo a while back, maybe three weeks ago, but it does give a very good snap-shot of just where A is with his drawing and writing. We've always subscribed to being self-led with writing and drawing here, they have lots of access to blank paper, pencils and textas; and some {fairly limited} access to colouring in books.

I like to see what they come up with, and am often pleasantly surprised by their creative out-pourings ~ such as the three bears above. He can draw bears. Who knew?... This morning Cam and I found a picture of a triceratops in his kinder bag, we both commented that it is already better than we can do ourselves.

... and the writing. He's realised that he can also write his surname, and has started to spell things out. He knows most of his letters now and tells me that his name is spelt: A. N. P. U. S. E. 1. G. It's getting very close, and I'm impressed to see him showing such an interest {still}.

I read a post this morning here about 'blank paper', seemed sort of relevant. Have a read if you are so inclined.