Monday, 29 November 2010

cover job

cover job

For the last few years I've been contemplating replacing my ironing board cover... my old cover was (a) ugly (b) stained and (c) ugly... a few weeks ago, Daisy provided some gentle persuasion when she cut the string that tightens the fabric over the 'board' and ever since it's been rather awkward trying to iron anything. Last week I even set up a beach towel topped with a linen tea-towel on top of it to enable me to do a spot of ironing.

This afternoon I needed to iron something and I decided I would just jump right on in and make a new cover... from go-to-woah it took me maybe ten minutes. Seriously, two years of contemplation (and an ugly cover), 5 seconds to decided to cut into my gorgeous japanese fabric, 10 minutes to cut it out, sew it up and chuck it on.

Wanna know how I did it?

one :: I took off my old cover and {since the cord was already cut} lay the flat piece of fabric on top of my new piece of fabric and pinned it into place

two :: cut the new fabric around the old cover {which I was using as a pattern}

three :: got a ball of cotton string {just the household stuff} and my over-locker and while I over-locked around the edge of the new fabric, I fed the string in the edge {trickiest bit being not cutting the string with the over-locker knife}

four :: placed the fabric on top of my ironing board, pulled the string until the fabric gathered and 'held on tight', tied the string in a knot and cut the ends off.

voilá ~ my new ironing board cover, made out of a yummy fabric that I can now look at and enjoy all the time!